Coastal Morbihan: Erdeven,and Etel.

Again updating old posts ,this is awesome; a great ride indeed. Thanks for coming along with me. I like to bring you to a small post of 2 quant small towns by the Morbihan coast. Hope you enjoy them as we do.

I decided to go back and re visit some towns along the coast that before just breeze by them; this is the gorgeous coastal towns of the Morbihan Breton! The cities leaving by car down the road D768 into the D22 direction Erdeven, and getting on the D105 past Erdeven, and finally Etel before coming back home the same way.

At Erdeven, we got some breads at the Boulangerie Robic one of the best in the region, and very traditional, something to munch our way thru the day.


Then, we walk into the Church St Pierre et St Paul (see post- St Peter and St Paul); done in 1755 thereabouts with a granite belltower, several adds on and renovation the latest from 1852. Wonderful wooden painting  of the trunk of Saint Anthony. A must to see really. Just across is the Chapelle of Langroez (see post) or the True Cross, Vrai Croix in French. It dates from the 16C with major work as late as 1957. There is more to see and return as 7 other Chapels in the area !!!

We did get some biscuits from our favorite local traditions store in the region La Trinitaine; stop when in the area all worth it. And if need to get some local souvenirs stop by at Souvenirs Breton, right next to the city or town hall and the parking lot where i always parked.

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Erdeven

Finally , we reach Etel, this is a wonderful tuna fishing old tradition town now with a nice museum or Musée des Thoniers, (see post) that sits on an apartment building lower floors in a residential area by the end of the port area. Retracing the history of tuna fishing and canning here of yesteryears.

This is a wonderful town with nice beaches in the Ria all around the bay before going out into the ocean. Great center of sailings, canoe, kayak etc sports as well.  The town was part of Erdeven until local Citizens  did a petition to have their own town and won in 1850. Not having a Church they slowly built one in 1857; the current Church of Notre Dame des Flots ,it was closed when we arrive but it has nice interiors according to local friends  such as per the tourist office stained glass from the 19C and statues of  Sainte Anne (patron sainte of all Bretagne), and the Virgin protector of the seamen.

The town has several fountains and laundry such as the one by the port the Fontaine du Port done in 1810 with two laundries and a third one added in 1858; just at the end of the port as you walk towards the museum.


The SNSM is a voluntary organisation in France to lifeguard the sea aficionados and boat owners getting them save out of the water in case of mishaps; they do other functions such as taking my mother Gladys and wife Martine out to sea burial at Honfleur. I am very attach and supporter; the base at Etel is the nicest and biggest of them in my new area. The station at Etel was done in 1866! Webpage Etel:


To reach Etel without car you can take the breizgo network line 16 from  Lorient- Etel – Auray or bus 18  from Auray, Port-Louis – Étel – La Trinité-sur-mer.

The harbor crossing from the marina to the naval chantier across at Magouër is done with a taxi boat service Le Magouër doing service from  the ports of Etel and Magouër to Plouhinec.


The surrender of the Nazis in this region was done at Etel on May 8 1945 the day of Saint Joanne d’Arc ; it is now a bar restaurant BB Bar Breton at 2 rue du 8 mai 1945.

We were there on the day of the Salon du Bateau Transportable or the transporable boats salon fair, with lots of displays of small boats motor or not, kayak, canoe, etc and clothing, accessories etc; around the marina port area just nice and good family ambiance.


And of course , we needed to catch up on something to eat. We were by the above event so try a different restaurant than last time I was with the whole family we pick Le Chat Qui Pêche at 2 Cours des Quais. We had our usual beers Grimbergens, diabolo menthe, and burgers those with goat cheese were the most ,I settle for the local beef and andouillette breton all for 17.40 euros per person, included fries and green salads and water.



The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Etel

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist board:

And we came home.  Enjoy the coastal Morbihan is the best here,and so many choices. We love it!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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