My wonders of Auray!!!

Ok so here I am redoing, updating this very early old post in my blog about a dear town to us. As said, when we first moved to the Morbihan breton dept 56, I rented an apartment in a small town that was attach to Auray for administrative stuff like garbage collection, French passport renewals ,etc. This was Auray! and what a find I got me into. A very nice historical town in the history of Canada and the USA! Not to mention the war of succession for Bretagne!

It was a Sunday, back in August 2012! and getting ready to be back to work after a 3 weeks vacation which was mostly a rest period with the moving and paperwork changes. So we stayed in and around Auray, and welcome the opportunity to finally meet a friend from PA USA, and the former VT travel forums that was visiting the area! Daring to be away from Paris!!

In the morning I took my father for a walk of town. Many times one reads of travel posts from visitors and we dont realised what we have close to home here!  We headed straight for the parking of Keriolet as my father cant walk too much, and sadly even less today in 2020.

We did the tour around pl de la République taking a look of a wonderful little fountain at pl des Roues, and going over to the Chapelle du pére Eternel, then we took the car to go over the local municipal pool, the Mediathéque or library, and nearby the Chapelle Saint Esprit. This last one was not open due for an exihibition.

We went by some of our favorite stores so will let you know where to do some shopping here.

Sacmania, (closed) for all your bag,wallets, belts etc needs nice store good brands local like hexagona, local store at 3 Rue du Lait ,now closed. Here for the memories as all my leather wallets, travel bags were purchase here for our first few years in the area.

We will have take out food from a good traiteur at the best quality in Eveno, 28 rue Barré.

Créperie St Michel,  great crepes and galettes in upper city center at 33 Rue du Belzic

My clothing store MCS (closed) at  60 pl de la République city center, now closed. Again here for the memories as my first coat purchase in the area was here!

Supermarché Sparr, grocery store for that quick impulse buying or fast need in upper city center 11 rue de Barré, just by parking Keriolet. Indeed very convenient for a return home and think of something!! always!

Monoprix, the classic store at 11 Rue Maréchal Foch. The perennial store and glad near city center.

Then, you can cruise walking by le bélvedere a nice tree park that goes into stade du loch stadium ,and you can climb down to the old castle ruins into Saint Goustan port lower town. Great games held here. You can walk and see the Chapelle du pére Eternel when in the 17C Franciscans order arrive in town, then the Cordeliers, and finally the Sisters of the Charity of St Louis in 1807, you can visit it from July 7 to September 3rd for free.

One of my favorites the Chapelle Saint Esprit, Pl du Four Mollet, with historical facts translated here ” The duke of Brittany Jean II, crowned at Rennes in 1286 appreciated Auray and had built a Chapelle du Saint-Sépulcre. It was active until the 18C housing a tomb chrome of Christ (today at the Church of St Gildas). The last mass was held here in 1790,and later under the French revolution was use as a military headquarters. In, 1831, it was acquired by the Ministry of War that took the renovation to house the soldiers, the chapel was completely disfigured. It found its original aspect after the renovation in 1994. It houses today each year a exposition of comptemporary arts. Also, the place for the Christmas market.

Of course a visit to the Church of St Gildas is a must where you can see the tombeau chrome wood body of Christ dating from the 1520-1550 period. A wonderful organ 18C,  very much in use with full musical schedule, and a very nice altar in marbre c 1657.

You can come in Summer and enjoy the municipal pool(piscine) and do your lectures year around in the municipal library or mediathéque, by the espace and parking Athéna at Place du Gohlérez.

Down at Saint Goustan,  one of my favorite restos is Le Bistro du Port at 7 Place St Sauveur. There are other wonderful places to eat here such as another of our favorite, Bar Créperie Franklin, at 21 Place St Sauveur  , the corner of pl St Sauveurs and the quai Franklin alongside the river Loch. Here we had our lunch with galette of bacon and cheese,cheese and ham two, 50cl beer Leffe for 3, coffee, and banana splits for about 14€ per person.

And after walking the cobblestone street with woodend houses, and old artist quarters at rue du petit port, and had our dinner at Creperie La Frégate, 11 Rue Petit Port , very quant area but rather isolated and small portions, but all good. Here is the typical galette with bacon, ham, eggs, cheese,and the banana splits or dame blanche,  a bottle of house cider brut,and coffee all for 15€ per person.

For reference, the Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Auray in English:

Now get ready to go back to work tomorrow,and hopefully will be back to my blog soonest as time will be less but travels will continue.  We really enjoy the full day with Dad in tow holding on with a combination of walking and car moving. Auray is nice, needs to be known more. Hope you enjoy the tour

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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