Landerneau in the Finistére Breton!

And here I go with a nice story of old bringing to live again in my blog. This is going deep in Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne. Always looking for new spots in France we came to Landerneau!

So driving around with a visiting American friend retired in Mexico, we decided to take her to Landerneau a very old town ,but typical of our region. Always raining so typical but we told her rain is part of Brittany and it does not stop us from going out and visiting. The temps was mild cool ,cloudy raining all day all over the route on the N165 and D770 as well as on site.

It goes to show once again the diversity of places here , so many things to see , we take time to come back to old ones.  We arrived by the Pont de Rohan (b. 1510) parking along the quai de Léon. Alongside the River Elorn .Metered parking but as Sunday it was free. We then set out on foot.


We went to see the Church Saint Thomas and the next door Ossuary of Saint Cadou. (See posts)

The Church of Saint Thomas was in honor of Thomas Becket , bishop of Canterbury, died as martyr in 1170. The lords of Léon founders of the abbey of Daoulas and owners of Landerneau had a Church built in honor of St Thomas that became the priory of St Thomas since the middle of the 13C. The original Church was rebuilt in the end of the 16C and the tower founded the day of the Trinity in 1607. The Church was again renovated in 1849. The 3 level bell tower was also renovated in 1849. The front façade with the porch is decorated with statues in stone of St Francis de Assisi, St Eloi, and a Virgin in calvary on top of the entrance. Inside you see a nice altar of 1711,and a statue in wood of the Virgin lying down from the 15C.

The ossuaire de Saint Cadou, just facing the above Church is the old ossuary of Saint Thomas dedicated to Saint Cadou with a date of 1635.  This is a rectangular building with four windows and two chapters in the door. the funerary chapel was taken in 1794 by the French revolution to be a factory of laces and leather shoes for the soldiers. Later, it served for housing of the sacristan priest and later as of today a museum of stone statues from the area.

Right around this area you will see the fountain in the Place des 4 Pompes  that used to gather the water of the prairies of Saint Thomas ,after the realignment of the street it was redone in a modern style in 1774. It has four spouts to spring water from and it is probably why it is call 4 pompes.  You than come to the Galerie de Rohan. Contemporary arts at its best in 180 square meters of space.



We had a break and went for lunch, so been raining and not much to walk about on a Sunday, we entered the Ar Vamm Fave créperie right on the rue du Pont next to the river Elorn. This was a pleasant surprise as the food was delicious and the ambiance very Breton with nice decorations to boot. The group had several things from complete galette ,to Andouille the Breton sausage type of many unnamed things inside, the ti bragou with sausages of Moléne, together with crêpes flambée, and coffees, all wash down with cider Kerne demi sec; coming to 12.90€ per person. Very good. Facebook page:



Once fed, we continue a bit more into the Church Saint Houardon starting from the 16C at rue Alain Daniel not far from the river Elorn. After the French revolution, the Church was in bad state and very small for the new parrishgoers. The Church was rebuilt in 1858-1860 in neo gothic style. The bell tower is of 63 meters dating from 1589 and done in 1860. The sculpture porch is from 1604 high of 22 meters and an older one on top dating from the 16C. The roof was renovated in 1957; it has many gargouilles mostly dating from 1860 representing animals. See post

The loca tourist office of Landerneau-Daoulas on the town heritage:

The city of Landerneau on its history and heritage:

After a bit of stretch walking , we took the car back home same direction. We reach home in time for dinner and some TV!! Another nice visit in my wonderful Bretagne/Brittany/Breizh!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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