Sizun enclose church!!!

And moving right along updating these older posts in my blog and why not continue a bit with the famous enclose churches of Bretagne! This time will bring you to Sizun,which already has newer posts too.

Ok so driving around the region of the Bretons or Bretagne or Breizh (in Breton language) we come often over to our neighborly department 29 the Finistére. This past Sunday or Palm Sunday or dimanche des Rameaux or Domingo de Ramos we went over to Sizun.  In getting there , we took the N165 with heavy traffic and deadly accident as well as near misses but we made it alright. Passing on the road D18 we passed by the picturesque town of Hanvec.

We arrived at Sizun, and the first thing we did was eat lol! right off the D18 you go into city center and just around the big square, Pl Charles de Gaulle,  we see the restaurant L’Orée des Monts, a very nice friendly place with good food and nice prices. We pay 16.50€ per person with pizza orientale with chorizos, calzones, tagliatelle bolognaise, pizza four cheeses, and pizza Indienne; all down with good pints of beer pelforth brune and grimbergen as well as coffee espresso for all. Now we were ready for the day. Facebook page:

Then , we got to one of the exceptional Parrish sites of the Finistére; that of the Theater Church of Sizun. this is a monumental building including several ones all surrounded by a wall that is why they are known as enclos or enclosures. Here you come for the relics of Saint Suliau, who taken to the banks of the river Rance with four picks created magic that the wild animals who came to ravages his vineyards become domesticated, according to the legend.


First ,you see the Triumphal door or Arc de Triomphe giving access to the cemetery which once was located around the church,one of the most beautiful in Brittany. It is 14,5 meters long formed by 3 arches separated by Corinthian columns and capitals. The Central part is topped by a calvary. It is estimated done by 1588-89.

The Ossuary is next to the Arc and divided into three records with decorated weapons of the Rohan family;the lower register contains stones in yellow granite and semicircular windows and has a date engraved of 1585.  The third register is formed by a series of twelve niches separated by fluted Doric pilasters in which the statue of the twelve apostles are place. At the top of the pediment above the arms of Rohan you see the date entered of 1588, and there is a small statuette of Saint Suliau holding away small sticks.

The bell tower is based on four pillars and has no foundation! It is one of the best of the Breton school, with 24 meters high tower and on the gallery 30 meters high octagonal shapes, with dates on it of 1728 and 1735.


Going around the Church of Sizun, we see sometimes at eye level several depictions of animals with the church main door adorned with a pediment with the face of a philosopher, birds and characters of the harvest of wine. You see at the top its seven pigeons surmounted on lanterns and richly decorated. The sacristy is link to the choir in octagonal shape.


The high altar and the altarpiece is the expression of Mary Joseph, the child, characters from Peter and Paul on either side of the tabernacle. You gaze up and see animals fox, lion, eagle, lamb and also a child as the resurrection.  Above Joseph and the Child you see the statue of Saint Suliau, the Patron saint of the parish. On the other side you see the Virgin and the Child.  Left in the Chorus the altarpiece of Saint Augustine and the history of the Holy Trinity. At the top the statue of Jesus with the world face turn towards the Altar. It is done with limestone of Laval the others in oak.At right the altarpiece of the baptism of Jesus, under the statue of Saint Yves,and the St Peter altarpiece opposite Saint Guillaume, the right pillar is Saint Maudetz. The pulpit to preach is from 1784.



The retable of the Rosary is from 1668  the most remarkable is the pink column that frame the picture of the Rosary. They are chiseled in vine where animals and characters flolics. The statues of Saint Dominic and St Catherine of Siena. In the upper part the statue of the Virgin and Child frame by two angels. Opposite this altarpiece you see the oldest statue of Saint Saliau, gothic, polychrome. the altarpiece of the north transept ,of the dying two very sober columns that represent death of a faithful in the presence of Dom Michel le Nobletz a Breton noble missionary of the 17C from each side of the statues of St Peter and St Paul.



The glass enclosure showcase is not a museum but actual objects and liturgical clothings which are part of the heritage of the parish. ON occasion of pardons, chalices, ciborium ,the bust of Saint Saliau, statue of the Virgin takes place in the festivities. The most important pieces are: Bust reliquary of Saint Saliau, relics embedded in his head, it is sterling silver made in 1625. The statue of the Madonna and Child in silver 17C; A chalice from 1660 in silver ; A silver ciborium punch of 1780, and the gilded silver chalice of Saint Eloy 16C. 



The city of Sizun on the enclosure:

The CIAP interpretation center on the enclosures such as Sizun:

These are wonderful historically here in Bretagne and of course gorgeous architecture, we have tried to see them all. Hope you enjoy this one at Sizun.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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