Pointe du Raz in pays Bigouden !!!

And I continue my quest to update by now my entire blog!! So many older posts done in a hurry excited to tell but lacking prose and good pictures. Now on the current situation is the time to do this. Hope you are enjoying it and follow me on the bandwagon! This time I will update you on a windy point on the land of Bretagne; the Pointe du Raz!

We finally headed for Finistére. Getting back on the N165 passing the ria river of Auray over the  Kerplouz bridge we headed to our destination by taken the D784 just after Quimper direction Audierne.

We headed for Pouldreuzic in the pays Bigouden to get to the boutique factory of Hénaff (founded in 1907) the great Breton deli with all its delicacies. This was wonderful and we loaded up on more than 130€ shopping on cans from duck mousse to rabbit, deer, wild pigs, tuna, hams,  in different blends as well as cider (130 m2 of space). The store has a museum as well. It is a nice compact store with cold cuts pates on the right and souvenirs , fisheries and home deco items on the left side.  The factory is just around the corner and they have a full service center for the community . You have a salon de thé and garden playground next door with picnic tables. The opening hours varied in low and high season.

The official webpage Hénaffhttps://www.henaff.com/



Once we did our shopping in Pouldreuzic town, we had some time left so we headed forward to the Pointe du Raz, the furthermost point in the peninsula passing towns like Landudec, Plozévet, and Plouhinec with nice churches and the great harbor of Audierne.

We did passed by the harbor beach town of Audierne, this is very picturesque like a post card and great ambiance along the waterfront.

And we finally reach Pointe du Raz, in the Cap Sizun, (or cape Sizun) at the westernmost point in the peninsula seeing the vast Atlantic ocean and the lighthouses of the island of Sein. The view here is magnificent over the vast ocean and you are on a cliff with rocky stony footpath leading you to the edge!  Parking starts from 6,50€ and there is plenty of shops and restos on the point to keep it a day. You see the grandeur of the panorama on the Raz de Sein very famous by seamen with their lighthouses of the Vieille, and the Tévennec, as well as the fascinating island of  île de Sein.



More on the Pointe du Raz here: https://www.pointeduraz.com/en/grand-site-de-france/area-outstanding-natural-beauty

The tourist office of Finistére dept 29 in French: https://www.toutcommenceenfinistere.com/article/pointe-du-raz-grand-site-de-france

The local tourist office of Cap Sizun on the Pointe du Raz: https://www.capsizuntourisme.fr/le-cap-sizun/pointe-du-raz/grand-site-de-france/plogoff/bretagne/finistere

A place not to miss if coming to Brittany at least arrive to see it and have lunch on site great combination!

A lovely ride coming back late to get to my car wash at E Leclerc Vannes and the grocery shopping for other stuff there , finally reaching home pretty late. Sunday will be to rest lol! Again enjoy the ride in the Finistére! and lovely Pointe du Raz!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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