Brest at Christmas time, marché de Noêl!

And as we are in this wonderful period of Christmas, I like to bring out a trip we took back in late November 2013 to the nice mariners city of Brest in the Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne! I will keep the same pictures as they are unique to this post.

It was a weekend and the opening of the marché de Noêl at Brest and we were there right from the start at 11h. It is a city I have written several posts. It is about 2 hrs from where I live now by car; and no tolls in Bretagne! So we combine the trip to the city to do some shopping at the Christmas market, window shopping in city center,and lunch in one of our favorite hangouts here in Brittany.

We got up early and went by car following a new road from our new home, very country indeed and fast… Like I said, we arrive by 11h and decided to take a quick look at the place de la liberté where the marché de Noêl was held. The place was still trying to be open by the merchants so just did a walk around inspecting the différents chalets.

brest noel dec13

From there we went on a walk around town, into the train station, the pont de la recouvrance , the tour Tanguy, and the shopping street of Rue du Siam.

Afterward ,we had our lunch at Au Bureau, right in 10 rue du siam. This is a pub with road signs of California USA,and a modern classic menu. I  had a toast on hot goat cheese, or toast au chévre chaud as entrée, then a huge hamburger curry, then a moelleux au chocolat, or chocolate cake with the center is melting hot ;at the end, two glasses of Leffe royale belgian beers, and all for 14,70€!!! This Au Bureau is closed and in its place there is Rest Au Pub, which have tried too in subsquent visits but not as good. Luckily we have an Au Bureau near us now!

We got back to the marché de Noêl ,where we did some shopping in sausages, pan d’épices and one with chocolate; different cakes with Christmas motifs, vin chaud or hot wine drink, and a leather belt for me!

brest carrousel dec13

It will last until 24 December 2013. Saturday 21 december there will be a teen party at the conference room of the Hôtel de Ville! music by Charles Dickens on Sundays December 8,22, Mondays 23 and Tuesday 24. Presentation of sister cities like Denver CO USA; different kiosks with music of several genres in city center ,concert on  24 Dec by Jean-Luc Roudaut; Choruses at salon Richelieu Hôtel de Ville on each Saturdays and Sundays;revue from the 50’s,marionnettes for kids, and many more.

brest noel pl de la liberte to city hall dec13

brest pl de la liberte marche du notel dec13


The city of Brest on the Christmas market today:

We then took a peek at the musée de la marine at the Château de Brest. We were there but very quickly and did not see the collection last time so this time we made up and saw the whole thing. Very nice welcome,and interesting story of marine;naval history of Brest and Bretagne and France. Its a museum on a laberinth of castle fortress rooms, towers, and dungeons, really neat to visit.

The Brest metro area tourist board

After that we came home,and ready for another week of getting kids to their jobs in new location and me business trip to Madrid. Already thinking what to do next,and where lol!!! so difficult to choose in la belle France !!! Enjoy the spirit of Christmas and do check out these lovely towns like Brest.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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