Auray at Christmas!

Therefore, in my continuing pursue of updating and revising my old posts in my blog I come back to a very familiar town. When I first came to the Morbihan breton dept 56 my main town for train station, buses, administrative issues was Auray. I like to tell you a somewhat funny Christmas at Auray 2015!

I was at just 14 kms or about 9 miles away from it and do come often here. During the Christmas of 2015 we decided to come early for parking etc. We quickly found out the festivities started way later and we were walking around empty chalets lol!! We kept the spirit of Christmas anyway!

As the spirit of Christmas is amongst us all, we took a ride to the city this morning to see any preparation for Christmas as usually they have the better one in the area closer to me. Indeed the preparation were going on for the big night and the célébrations were to go on from December 14 and will last until December 31 2015.


Tonite they will have jogglers performing and tomorrow the bulk really begins with a slate of activities.

All the activities will be concentrated this year in the Chapelle Saint Esprit for the Christmas market or Marché de Noêl and on the Village de Noêl at Place Notre Dame (square) by the Church of Saint Gildas (see post).  The Chapelle Saint Esprit is an excellent place of great historical value that has been preserve at all cost by the local people.



The Chapelle Saint Esprit was one of the most important chapel in the commanderies of the order of Saint Esprit, the members defended and protected the poor, orphans and the sick. It was first built here by the Duke John II of Brittany that had also founded the Chapelle du Saint Sépulcre (where is now the parking area South of the current Chapelle). It was in the later, that the gisant of Christ was founded and recently restored.From the 14C the chapel has been enlarged by the Religious orders that were here. The Chapel lost its Religious vocation during the French revolution (as usual);and from 1794 it served as a military outpost, the famous HQ Dugueslin where it welcome soldiers until the 20C, it ,also ,serve as safe heaven for the population during WWII , later housed School children, firefigthers, and local associations. Today, it still holds cultural events and plays of many diverse nature.

auray chapelle saint esprit noel dec19

Enjoy the Christmas spirit wherever you are. Cheers and be merry, a very Merry Christmas to all my readers celebrating it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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