Christmas shopping in Nantes!!

And here I continue with my updates and revision of old posts in my blog; this one goes back to 2016 on Saint Herblain but for better I put Nantes! We are at about 1h30 by car easy on the N165 to Nantes and it is my main airport to get out of Brittany. and of course during the Christmas season for us.

We came to the Carrefour shopping center in Vannes where the brasserie pizzeria La Compagnie, was always bypass and always full. We finally try it.  The service was fast and friendly ,and the prices very friendly for 15€ per person. We had beers. However, for me the pizzas could  have been better.  We then, headed to Nantes. The resto webpage

We decided to try the shopping center I always pass by but never got to visited.  This is at Saint-Herblain a town near Nantes. This is the shopping center Atlantis, right off the N444 road on your way to the Nantes Atlantique airport. The mall or shopping center is huge atypical for the French ,this one is of international quality. Words cannot describe it.  We came off the N165 to the exit to the  direction N444 Nantes Atlantique airport, exit 1 is the easiest  just before crossing the bridge of St Nazaire over the harbor. follow signs for Atlantis and its easy. Parking you should have patient because even if a huge place and huge parking , it is very very popular place. From the peripherique road N844 you can get off at exits 32,33,and 34. Many hôtels are nearby as well as the events hall Zenith

The parking is a laberinth of lanes and all electronically managed for parking spaces, so once on the  main road lane, you see the lights red xxx no space or in green they flash the number of places available: great!!! We finally parked by the entrance to the IKEA store, one of the anchors with Leclerc hypermarché, Decathlon, etc.  You find your Entrée either side of Ikea or side of E Leclerc and go in by escalator stairs two up and two down to the main floor or 1FL (call here street level or rez-de-chaussée) ,then the 2FL is mostly restaurants. There are borne with maps and plenty of benches with restaurants all over.

We like to browse the IKEA store here for ideas and some good deals on kitchen utensils or dining room décorations. webpage:


We of course, saw to our great surprise the new Burger King here. Ok so been from Florida, my boys grew up with BK who are base in Florida USA. It is well signage to get up here and the resto is quite large for fast food, there is borne machines to pre order and regular line. We always take the pre order route and here there is another section to come , you wait and a host will call you to come for your order pickup; then another host will help you find a table !! As said ,226 seating places , a children playground and a terrace! webpage:


Then , to top off it all we have our great ice cream from Haagen Dazs, another old home favorite.As the site confirm the creams are all made in France near Arras Nord and so doing for the 20 years here. Great history and great product anywhere .we had many over time from the specialities combination for 10,30€ to the two scoops for 5,90 to the Three scoops for 7,50€ all good and of course nice coffees.   webpage:


You have kids care, and playgrounds, banks, and 151 stores with 31 restaurants! the ones at the very top are very nice indeed , good for a second try, such as Jo le Boucher, and Le Comptoir. You have micromania video games store a must in my family, and great stores like H&M , Jules, Foot Locker, etc, a huge hypermarket in Leclerc, and bowling center and cinema, and many more ,the site will tell you nicely done webpage:

nantes christmas shop zenith dec13



We did move around the common stores, like my boys went to the Micromedia video store. We did our shopping in Nocibé the perfum store; we took a look at Desigual, Jules, and Quarter Back, as well as Armand Thiery, San Marina shoes, and Yves Rocher. I ,also, look at my Coyote, a road security service that works like a gps and anti speed radar thingy here now call Road Security. It is on my phone!

nantes christmas shop zenith dec13

nantes christmas zenith shop dec13


The Shopping Center Atlantis is open Mondays to Saturdays from 8h30 to 21h ;the stores open at 9h30, restaurants open for lunch and dinner and those in the Cupola opens until 22h30;Ikea opens at 10h. In all you have 157 stores, 28 restaurants and two cinémas, and two banks ATM Inside.

Right nearby on crossing the N444 you have the Zenith , concerts events expo center.  Very popular place around here:webpage:

Right there is also, part of Atlantis shopping center is the ONYX, done architecturally by Jean Nouvel, with many cultural activities too.Webpage:

And there you go folks a wonderful day of shopping between two departments Morbihan 56 and Loire-Atlantique 44, and now two regions that many call the same Bretagne!

Happy shopping, and Merry Christmas to all my readers who follow the Holiday! Best wishes to all!  And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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