Lannion in the Côtes d’Armor!!

And my saga continues in my already loaded blog on many stories of travel over the years. I am doing some and by now many posts updating and revising the links info and some old and new photos to bring them to life again. I hope you are enjoying the route as well as I. There is more pictures in the individual sight posts!

We had a nice lunch near home in Camors before leaving for Lannion, that is worth mentioning here, Au Coin du Feu, excellent for about 28 euros per person. This is on the road D768 near our house and well recommended.  In the forest of Camors, Breton longére house traditional with great owners serving and host all local products from the farm to your table. webpage:

This time I bring you to Lannion.  We took off for  Lannion in the dept 22 of the Côtes d’Armor taking in the area , and staying overnight in a nice country hotel. We took off on the D768 taking the N24 direction Guingamp and later the D767 all the way to Lannion. Nice ride,no rain and cool, pleasant ride.

We stayed overnight at the Brit Hotel Aux Hortensias , Route de Perros Guirec , where very quickly we found a family room for 5 for 80 euros the night and took it. Very well located on the road D788 between Perros Guirec and Lannion, nice bedroom/bath, and breakfast for 7,20 per person buffet nicely stock. Very warm friendly service greeting by hand shake, and free parking.  Brit is a nice local chain I have used before and never disappointed. webpage:



Nice night sleep and ready for the road again, coming home on the D767 to the N12 to Baud on the D768 back to the house for a nice weekend in my Brittany.

We went into town first for a quick look around, the wonderful parking at Gunzburg was great and then move along the river Léguer and the parking Aiguillon with the wonderful wooden houses was superb!



Some of the monument in detail in other posts were:

See the nice Church of  St John du Baly in city center place de l’église, started built in 1519 and finished in 1548. .  In the 15C it replaces the chapel in the castle dedicated to Notre Dame until 1625;then in 1760 we take away the Arrow tower. It has a wonderful Calvary done in 1867 outside back side. Many portraits and statues of different Saints, pulpits from the 17C, and stained glass from 1925 in art deco style done at Sacre Cœur in Paris. Very imposing building in a mount hilly area with looks at the place de l’Aiguillon and the river Léguer downway.

From the above Church you go down into a steep street and you can get to the Church of the Trinity in Brélénevez. There is a stair with 142 steps downward that we did not took. This is a Roman style Church done at the end of the 12C to early 13C with rénovations to the 14C. There is a mise au tombeau from the 18C , portraits and statues of Saint Gilles and Saint Loup with a retable in marbre white and black in the altar.

Nice Hôtel de Ville and Les Halles behind it or covered market very nice; as well as a carrousel in the place de l’Aiguillon with kiddier rides overlooking the river Léguer. Here across the river you see the magnificent building, this was the Monastery of Sainte Anne. First there was a hospice here in the 12C until replaced in the 17C by a convent housing the order of the Augustinians (misericordia of Jesus) . In the French revolution, they were expelled only to come back in 1805. In 2006, it was converted into the Library or mediathéque of the city. You can now rent the Chapel Sainte Anne done in 1902, and the Chapelle des Ursulines from the 17C is also attach  offering a cultural exhibition space today.


Next to the Church of St John du Baly, you will see a statue of Charles Le Goffic,  born and died here in Lannion, he was a poet, romancier, literary critic who dedicated his times and work celebrating Brittany/Bretagne. Member of the Académie Française in 1930.


For dinner, we went the family way and shop at the Intermarché Supermarket in Saint Quay Perros on our way in road D788, getting all the usual  Sodas, sandwiches, cheeses, yougurts, cookies, orange juice,etc for about 40 euros to feed a family of five. I guess we were in family savings mode today! webpage:

The tourist office of the Granite Rose Coast for Lannion:

There you go folks a brief first introduction to the wonderful old Lannion, and invite you to look for my detail posts of the monuments in this town in my blog. Lannion was a first experience here and we came back, nice.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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