Again favorite,Hennebont !

And I continue my journey into wonderful travel corners of our world with my family, many nice memories, today more than ever. I came upon this older post of 2016, and such a lovely fortified city I will update on Hennebont.

Today was a sunny day to begin and then cloudy at the end, seems the Summer does not want to really begin. Already the first weekend of family vacations in France and the roads show it. I went back to one of my favorite towns to spent the day on secondary roads. Hennebont is a nice fortified city with ramparts by the river Blavet , old castle tower, nice churches, and the wonderful Haras National horse training site.

I live less than 30 minutes by car from it so it’s a natural weekend gateaway for us. I took the scenic road  D768 direction Quiberon, (you can take it from the voie express or freeway of the N165) but at Plouharnel just before crossing the isthmus to Quiberon peninsula you take the road D781 direction Erdeven/Lorient continue following direction Lorient until you see the sign for Hennebont, take the second traffic circle into Hennebont Centre and you come right underneath the viaduc into the center of town, centre ville or downtown.

We went up to the Church Notre Dame de Paradis (see post) and it’s wonderful high belltower, there was service going on so we do not disturb, and went away. The Haras National (see post) is about 300 meters from it bearing left but on Saturdays it is closed. The Porte Broerec’h or castle gate museum (see post) was open but already been there, you must see if as it is the history of the town and castle.  The Church Saint Caradec across the river Blavet and it’s huge cementary is another place to visit in town.



There is a viaduc done in 1861 and it is 222 meters long and 8 meters wide.  According to the levels of the river it can be from  20 to 27 meters high.  The Abbaye Notre Dame de Joye , worth to see it. The ramparts are here since 1250,  the porte de Broerec’h  takes it’s name from the Breton meaning  « Pays du roi Waroc », or country of the king of waroc , one of the oldest counties of Vannes. The museum Inside now dates from 1910 on the tower from the 13C , it has 10 rooms showing the history of the city ,traditions, costumes,paintings, river commerce, and WWII with model showing you the history.

The Haras were created in 1857 and it does a huge amount of activities all year round; spectacles, expositions, and discovery visits are held. You can tour in poneys, see an expo on Indians of the American plains ,see equestrians shows and combination costumes and history on the spectacle “1900” ,and included a guided visit.  It is open at different times according to the time of the year, so best to check the site before coming…

The city of Hennebont on its religious monuments:

The Haras National on horses:

The museum at Porte Broerëc’h:

In all you can easily spent a full day here, on your way to the beaches or the other wonderful towns of magical Morbihan dept 56. Kenavo!! (Breton language) Au revoir, Goodbye.

Hope you enjoy the brief discussion of a wonderful town of Hennebont, and hope you can visited one day, worth the detour. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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