Sightseeing in Paris, by land and water!

Another post update folks, too  many old post left in the vault. Now is the best time to bring them out and have them more visible. Hope you enjoy my black and white series….

Over time I have read some folks claiming to want to be in Paris with limited time, sometimes even in between correspondance at the airports. Even thus I do not agree this is the best way to see the city, sometimes time and money comes into play. So if you are in Paris or near and want to take a quick look at the city general overview to perhaps get into the feeling to see more in depth later (believe me you will ::)) than do these suggestions. FYI, I have written individually on some of these in my blog already. Hope it helps you enjoy my eternal Paris!

Bateaux Parisiens are an institution in Paris , my favorite ,my first taste ever with the Seine river back in 1972 (hint:blog title). It has been my favorite always. Day or night cruises, Lunch or Dinner, Enchanted cruises for children, romantic cruises for all. You get in at Port de la Bourdannais just off the Eiffel tower on the river Seine down the stairs to your right. Site in English:

The perennials on the block or how river cruising was started by the Bateaux Mouches ,lunch and dinner cruises, night and day cruises, you get on board at Port de la Conférence, Pont de l’Alma. Site in English:

The old fashion way of navigating the rivers anywhere, the Canal Saint Martin experts Canauxrama, 2,5 hrs of cruise into parc de la Villette, full day cruise to guinguette country (french country music), and now the Seine river cruises. You get it at port de l’Arsenal at the bassin de la Villette, 13 quai de la Loire. Site in English:

The ride on the bridges of Paris by the Vedettes du Pont Neuf, at the square du vert galant near pont neuf of course. Site in English:

Batobus is a noble concept of taxi on the river, you can get on and off all along its route per day. 9 stops on the Seine river to discover Paris. Take at port de la Bourdannais near Eiffel tower on the river go down to your left. Site in English:

Paris Canal, is a newer concept to take you beyond the city into the river Marne, and Canal de l’Ourcq, as well as Canal St Denis, etc, you can on it at bassin de la Villette ,19 quai de la Loire, or quai Anatole France just next to musée d’Orsay boat ramp, or inside the parc de la Villette in front of the folies des visites du parc. Site in English:

Vedettes de Paris , take it at the port de Suffren, near Eiffel tower once go down on the river stairs to your left. Its a ride under the bridges of Paris on the Seine, very nice indeed. You have it for children, night, etc.  site in English:

Cityrama was a world known brand of bus tours in cities, no exception in Paris . Now they have change name to Paris Tours.  Site here in English  :

Euroscope, bus tours in minibuses with professional guides with pickup and return at your hotel,transfers to hotel/train/airport stations. At 46 rue de Provence, 75009. Site in English here

France Tourisme, visit Paris main monuments, diner cruise on the Seine, or Eiffel towers restos ,also booking for cabarets such as Lido and Moulin Rouge. One stop shopping. Also, tours all over France . Its at 6 rue Amiral de Coligny, 75001 or 33 quai des grands Augustins, 75006. Site in English here :

Paris Authentic, a special way to see Paris in a 2CV car Citroën with chauffeur or driver. Many wonderful surprising places to go. You will be pickup at your hotel or train station in Paris for the ride, enjoy it ,its unique! Site in English :

Les Cars Rouges, tourist coach/bus  service  for visiting Paris in English or Spanish. The original tour in double decker buses.  They have change name to the Big Bus Paris. Site in English:

These have been over the years my favorites and even if some change names they are still reliable. Hope you enjoy the short visits or when the feet gives in ….Enjoy Paris!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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