Paris passes, needed?

This is one of earliest posts in my blog back in 2010, and its time for an update….They have become rather popular, don’t ask me why… I believe that if coming to see 3 monuments or more they are worth it. However,  i never see 3 monuments in a row so never use them. This is an informational post.

paris louvre musee from tuileries gardens mar13

Museums are wonderful exponents of life in Paris. It showcase the culture and way of life of its people and often of others interelations with France. It is one of the main attractions for visitors to Paris. First, there is the Paris Museum Pass

With the pass you can enter for free without waiting in line and as many times as you wish in more than 60 museums and monuments in the Paris region. You may have to go thru security lines on them but they go quickly and certainly more quicker than buying individual tickets for them.  The trick is to decide what museums to see and how many to see, this as in anything in travel needs planning ahead of time. It is a good idea to involved all members of a family in decision and the planning processus.

You have choices of 2, 4 or 6 days passes, with the prices correspondingly. You can purchase the pass at the museum and monuments included in the pass ; at the tourist office of the city of Paris, 25 rue des Pyramides   1éme, the tourist desks at the airports CDG ; Orly airport , and FNAC stores such as Champs-Elysées,Saint-Lazare, Ternes, and Forum Les Halles, as well at Disneyland Paris main entrance. Also, at Versailles at tourist office avenue de Paris.  Usually there are individual discounts for the under 18 and residents of the UE under 26 yrs old. There are free on the first Sunday of every month; see individual museum or monument for latest details

The Paris Museum Pass is a very practical tourist card that quickly pays for itself, allowing you to avoid queues and have unlimited access to more than 50 monuments and museums in Paris and its region. It should be remembered that only visits to the permanent collections are included with this pass. If you wish to access temporary exhibitions or guided tours, you will have to pay for the entrance separately.  Before you start using the Paris Museum Pass, you will need to write the date of the first visit on the back of the pass, along with your first and last name. I recommend that you make your first visit in the morning to make the most of the first day and get the most out of your pass. Please note that these are consecutive days. The Paris Museum Pass has another important advantage to take into account: this skip-the-line will save you from having to stand in lines , usually endless in Paris. 

The official Paris museum pass in English:

The Paris tourist office on the museum pass:

The city of Paris has join several other cities to issue a Paris Pass card offering unlimited access to more than 50 tourist attractions and museums in Paris, while avoiding the queues. This pass will also allow you to travel stress-free thanks to unlimited access to public transport included in zones 1 to 3. This card is aimed at a very specific audience: if the purpose of your trip is to go shopping on the Champs-Elysées or to take your children to Disneyland, this pass will obviously not be profitable. On the other hand, if you want to explore Paris and discover every nook and cranny of the city, this card will help you save big. If you hesitate between buying this card or the Paris Museum Pass combined with the Paris Visite card for transport; it will depend on whether you plan to use the tourist bus, take the boat on the Seine or make a few additional visits (Opera, Wax Museum, Espace Dalí…).

The official Paris Pass Card in English:

The Paris tourist office on the Pass Card:

By purchasing the Paris Visite card, your trips will be made easier since it includes the Paris Visite pass. You can therefore take unlimited public transport in zones 1 to 3 of Paris.

The RATP Paris Visite card on transports here:

Of course these are not all the museums or monuments of Paris, there are over 1000 of them, the passes is a city and regional tourist effort to regroup the best known generally speaking. At least hope it gives you some heads up for future visits to the city of lights!

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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