My best Shopping in Versailles!!!

Ok so here I am again ,updating my blog as this post was done early on when I started blogging! And of course, it needs a complete revamping. Just short lived in Versailles for almost sublime 10 years! and last visited in November 2019.

Everybody’s favorite subject,and the family past time lol! Having a large family shopping is an event, and one to have patient and enjoy it. I would like to share with my readers some of my favorites hunts in Versailles and nearby, these are my choices for a local living point of view but it can be use by visitors too. Of course, will leave you the shopping inside the castle in another post. Hope it helps.

We are big fan of the L’Occitane for many many years, the store in Versailles is very nice and friendly getting you nice products from Provence. 39 rue de la Paroisse.  It is very near the collegiale Notre Dame Church and our former home. Open from tuesdays to fridays 10h-13h30 and 14h30-19h, Saturdays 10h-19h; Sundays 10h-13h and English is spoken.,74,1,b02OCST059.htm

For jewerly, watches, etc the favorite in town is Eté Joaillier 38 rue de la Paroisse, next to l’Occitane store above Open tuesdays to saturdays 10h30-13h and 14h30-19h.

Bags ,handbags, leather, and travel accessories the ultimate is the Le Tanneur, 7 place Hoche, not far from us neither. open tuesdays to saturdays from 10h to 1çh30, Saturdays and Sundays from 10h -19h30.

For gifts, souvenirs, t shirts , you come here Select Souvenir, 6 ave Gén de Gaulle, in the Les Manéges building across from RER C station rive gauche-château. Plenty to see on way in or out of Versailles.  Open tuesdays to Saturdays from 10h to 19h. And you might had met my oldest son worked here!!! And no webpage!

For flowers , the lady in the house went just over Au Nom De La Rose at nearby 21 rue de la Paroisse.

For toys, kids games of European and French design and fabrication you cant beat. La Cabane De Louison, 69 rue de la Paroisse.

For wines ,other than going to the chain Nicolas, my favorite is at  50 rue de la Paroisse . Open tuesdays to fridays 9h30-13h and 15h to 20h , Saturdays 9h30 to 13h and 15h-20h ,Sundays 9h30 to 13h.

You can definitively be satisfied at Aux Caves du Chateau, 9 place Hoche. Wines, spirits,champagnes, with gifts in mind too, and artisan beers all since 1840. Open tuesdays to saturdays from10h-13h and 15h-19h30. Sundays in the mornings 10h-13h too. English spoken.

For cheeses go to Fromagerie Le Gall ,in the marché Notre Dame building named Carré à la Marée. open tuesdays to sundays 7h30 to 13h and 16h to 19h, closed Wednesday ,and sundays afternoons. English spoken. the best cheeses in town from all regions of France including the real ones from the farm to you.

For teas from around the world and to find that rare one, the one to visit is La Route du Thé, 26 rue de Satory,on the ave Sceaux side of chateau. open tuesdays to saturdays from 10h30 to 19h, English spoken.

For chocolates try the real thing from a local chocolatier, Yves Thuriés Chocolatier, 37 rue de la Paroisse, near church collegiale de Notre Dame. All is made in house from 100% cocoa beans of the best regions, also try the macarons and pâtes de fruit.

Of course, have a separate post on this but could not forget, the market or marché public, my all time favorite, and regular as noted above in the cheese store is the Marché de Notre Dame and Halles Notre Dame, the difference is the Marché is open air, fruits, veggies, etc alternating with a clothing market while the Halles are covered market dating from the domaine de Clagny c1665. There in the carré Notre Dame . You get here from chateau follow straight out to your left and take ave Saint Cloud to the corner of ave de l’Europe and rue Marechal Foch, you take a left and the marché is right in front of your eyes. Marché open Tuesdays, Fridays,and Sundays from 7h30 to 14h , and the Halles open tuesdays to saturdays 7h to 19h30, some Mondays and Sundays from 7h to 14h. 

If you prefer buying flowers in a market to take home, then the best is at sidewalks on ave Saint Cloud just by the underground parking Saint Cloud corner ave de l’Europe. Open Tuesdays,Fridays,Saturdays all day and Sunday mornings. There are ,also, flowers at the Marché Notre Dame see above.

For all your Cigars needs, and pens, and wallets, and the best advice from all over the world products of great quality. Gifts, pens, and tabac specialties like lotto, and English spoken try La Havane, 21 rue Hoche.

For fish and seafood, of course I know, you need to have a kitchen but so what I also know many of you do when visiting so I am giving away my poissonnerie or fish market L’Espadon, Halles Notre Dame, Carré à la Marée, open as the Halles Market above.

And of course the bakeries cannot be forgotten, several are good, but my choice for the blog will be Boulangerie (Maison) Guinon at 60 rue de la Paroisse , doing it since 1802 and still the best, go for it when in town. Open Tuesdays to Fridays 9h To 14h.

For coffee lovers try La Finca, 15 rue de deux Portes.  At the area around the marche de Notre Dame on the chateau side as you stand in the center. Go around the Halles Notre Dame and it is there its a tiny place full of coffee grounders machines. And no webpage.

For groceries there are the Leader Price chain store at 58 rue de Chantiers (near train SNCF station)

Monoprix, 5 ave Georges Clémenceau (also a Monop by 27 Rue Carnot). 

Carrefour City is at 67 Avenue de Saint Cloud, end of Rue de la Paroisse. M-S 7h to 21h and Sundays 7h to 13h.

Franprix, 5 rue Rameau near our Notre Dame Collegiale Church. 7h30 to 20h30 Mondays to Saturdays and 9h to 12h Sundays!

You have bigger supermarkets outside if you have a car, but these in town are pretty good for your needs.

There are several good libraries or book stores in town , however, my favorite is Gibert & Joseph, 62 rue de la Paroisse, near Collegiale Church Notre Dame,  chain also in Paris.

For photos and we always need those we headed for Photo Station,  50 rue de la Paroisse. They are franchises, and have a general webpage here:

For clothing we shop sometimes at Damart as was my dear late wife Martine favorite at 43-45 rue de la Paroisse. Damart is a chain all over France.

I shop at Burton; 11 rue Georges Clemenceau.10h to 19h30. Mens clothing! and we have one out west near my current home now.

Another one we shop while in town Eram, 13 rue du maréchal Foch. Clothing for the family.

Haircuts at Jean Louis David when the family wanted as I did my own. 15 rue du maréchal Foch. Could not verify if still there but we did had at the Parly II shopping center in Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt. :

Pharmacies are many but my is at Pharmacie de la Place de Hoche, 6 Pl de Hoche. On the other side of the square nearer the palace of Versailles.

Several post offices too the one I use most is at La Poste ,47bis rue du Marechal Foch; between the market of Notre Dame and the train station rive droite.

Several banks including the Banque Populaire, Caisse d’Epargne, CIC , Credit Agricole, HSBC, La Poste, LCL , Societé Générale, but I did most the  BNP Paribas at 1 rue du Marechal Foch the most.

If you have problems with your laptop or computer while here like we did the moment we landed go to the pros at  VART electronique will definitively help you. They are at 42 ave de Saint Cloud. Any country will do, they do them all !!!  just north of the ave de l’Europe and ave saint cloud you go right to a side street call allée de l’avenue saint cloud. They have been there for ages…

if you are looking for antiques, head here first The Antiquaires de Versailles , you might save yourselves time. The site has all the info you need and good direction, see post. 

If you want to walk in a quaint old fashion street full of goodies and feel like in times past while enjoying nice little restos and small misc stores ready to wear clothing, then head for the Rue de deux Portes off rue Carnot to the marché Notre Dame . A wonderful old world walk that we enjoyed very much to take especially along on weekends.

Well I think I touch the most of old memories with updated text and webpages. Again, hope you enjoy this magical walk thru my beloved Versailles.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!! 

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