My best restaurants in Versailles!!!

Well since I am with the resto bug, might as well continue. Versailles was my town where I lived for 10 years, and it’s time to update this list now that I come back just to visit from Brittany. The original post was done in 2011!!! Looking back, I realized was not into going out so much as cooking in house but then again there are a few.

By now, I have done Restaurant lists in some of the mayor areas I have been so see France, Brittany, Madrid, Mexico etc in my blog. The France post I did some times for eating habits here ,but for the rest I just tell you about the names of my favorite local restos,bars, cafes, etc.

Le Boeuf à la Mode, 4 Rue au Pain, 78000, ,this is the sublime cozy romantic, French traditional restaurant of old I like to seek and keep. It was our favorite while there. Very near Castle on the marche Notre Dame area tuck away in rue au pain ,but well known.  You wont go wrong here for an evening in Versailles.  webpage:

Relais de Poste, 2 Rue des Etats Généreaux. Well this one is a simple clasic old post relay place tuck by the direction of the Chantiers train station ; but close enough to the Rive Gauche train station too. If you want simple French food amongst locals then come here, its one of my favorites for lunch. Now new owner and name Le Paris Versailles is there, their webpage:

Broadway Cafe, 15 rue Ducis, by the marche Notre Dame around the old bays of the market the street goes around them. Tex-Mex well done and nice Coronas, great for lunch and inexpensive. No webpage

Sister’s Cafe, 15 rue des Réservoirs.An American in Versailles. hamburgers, big juicy like back in the old home all made to order, plus big salads another great lunch suggestions. Right by the street on the right side of chateau looking at it,cant missed it right past the théatre Montansier same sidewalk. More here:

Au Chien qui Fume, 72 rue de la paroisse, Tel  +33 01 39 53 14 56,
near church Notre Dame and marché Notre Dame. A great institution of the highest French culinary experience, great for dinner,you can’t go wrong here.  Here since 1839 serving delicious oyesters dishes. webpage

Angelina, Cour des Princes, pavillon d’Orléans, Chateau de Versailles.  Tel  +33 01 39 20 08 32.  It also has a coffee shop at the Maison du Suisses in the Petit Trianon building inside chateau properties. Refine as the Paris legendary store, a must for pastries and hot chocolates for me! Our break from walks and jogging in the gardens by the Petit Trianon! More here:

La Flotille, Parc du Chateau, by the Grand Canal inside Chateau property.  Another classic in the Chateau de Versailles with great views over the Grand Canal in the terrace in summers. Great menus from 26€ but try the monkfish dish delicious . webpage

Taverne de Maitre Kanter, 5 Rue Colbert. Later it became the Pavillon Colbert by 2019 , and now closed.  Tuck away right to your left coming out of chateau, little street, cozy with great views over the parvis ,and splendind Alsacien cuisine, I go for the Choucroutes Lol! Here just for the memories

Brasserie du Théatre, 15 rue des Réservoirs, Just next to you guess it, Théatre Montansier(marie antoinette love it), I love the food and be in history right in my city, cant go wrong for the ambiance and decor.  webpage:

Bistrot du Boucher, 12 rue André Chénier, in the marché Notre Dame area as well. It’s a chain but great, traditional old fashion French cuisine and great cuts of beef par excellence. webpage here :

Le Montbauron, 23 rue Jouvencel . This is the perfect place to have a nice simple dinner and a great evening of pool playing American and European styles. Great ambiance.  Best way to get here is come up chateau on ave de Paris straight past govt building on your left ave de l’Europe, continue 100 meters and the next street to your left is rue Jouvencel. More info here:

Le Saint Claire, 2 Rue de Satory, right by castle on the Sceaux side to your right coming out of Chateau. Great terrace in summers looking at Chateau for wonderful views, service is continous. Live music. Traditional French cuisine, webpage:

La Crêperie Royale, 5 Boulevard du Roi. If you want something light and very French try a Crêpe, great tasting with different combinations, and wont bulge your wallet. Walk to your left from Chateau, continue going around it and you will get to rue des Résérvoirs stay on this road that changes name to boulevard du Roi ,the crêperie is on your left hand side. Easy walk and see the city Lol!!! webpage:

Pizzeria César by Simone Zanoni , 8 avenue due Général de Gaulle. When you want to eat pizza but not from the chains, this is it, and live karaoke music too, great ambiance especially in the evening, and great for the budget menus from 14,50€ to 18€ in the evenings. From rive gauche train station RER cross the street and its on the Les Manéges building. webpage:

Subway , 35 rue du Maréchal Foch. Yes you got it its the American sandwich chain, all over Paris but has one in Versailles, when my rave for the old calls for this is the place to go ,close to me and my kids school. Very friendly fast service. So bring your simple big inexpensive appetite to this store. More here:

Pub O’ Paris, 15 rue Colbert. The place for sports and beer and have a great time very near the Chateau just to your left going out. This is the rugby and football/soccer place to be in the evenings, live music, and just great friendly time. Come and be merry; webpage

Les Caves du Roi Soleil, 5 Passage Géole. An old institution of prison for reformers,now a bar/danse club, great ambiance and very quiet normal people great for all ages. you have different themes with especially the Tuesday evening champagne soirée. Just by the marché Notre Dame north area to your left. Something to let you loose while in old Versailles ;more here:

Planéte Food, 7 Rue du Général Leclerc,  simple kebabs Lebanese and Greek foods well done, clean, inexpensive delicious for the lunch taker or quick bite family. Many students come here including mine. Very near Castle, from train rive gauche turn right on second street turn right the resto is on your right hand side. From castle ,turn right take first at Sceaux left then on Satory turn right into Rue du Gen Leclerc turn left , resto on your left hand side. Now open for take outs.

Le Canard d’Or, 30 bis rue des Résérvoirs. The best Chinese resto in town, very near Castle just go around to your left coming out and take the last street as rue des résérvoirs turn right and the resto is on your right hand side about 200 meters.  webpage:

Not really a full restaurant per se, but as the only hotel that I can recommend because been there as a lodging tourist and visit as a resident and know it very well is the Hotel du Cheval Rouge , 18 Rue André Chenier off the Marché Notre Dame. You are in the middle of it all ,walking distance maybe 7 minutes to the chateau, it is an old horse stables of the king and now a hotel with breakfast and inner court private parking. webpage :

Well these are my favorites,over time living and visiting Versailles and its area. There are many more to explore! I was last there in November 2019. Hope you can enjoy them when stopping by my beloved Versailles.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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