Pontivy and L’Aiglon!

Well guest what I found out!lol! We went out enjoying that we are still able to go out anytime and went to the north of Brittany (more later). As we were going to arrive at a time when restaurants are closed here, I decided to eat lunch on the way. Most smaller towns the choices were limited so I entered Pontivy, a town that we have visited several times as less than an hour from us. Of course, in the Morbihan dept 56!

Once in city center I remember a restaurant by the castle of the Rohan and decided to have lunch there. This is the L’Aiglon restaurant. Looking back in my blog I had briefly mentioned in post of Nov 26 2017 best restos in Bretagne)!!! Oh oh my , well we were back! I told you the choices are too many here and you are bound to take time between one and the other. We were glad to be back!

pontivy l aiglon resto facing castle oct20

This beautiful restaurant will offer you creative traditional cuisine, homemade, fresh and gourmet with a menu that is revised every three months, according to the seasons. These are varied and original dishes that this Maître Restaurateur offers, in a very contemporary decor, with natural sources that are mentioned on a board as you enter ,so you know where the ingredients comes from!. L’Aiglon has been run by the Morvant family for more than 10 years.

pontivy l aiglon resto side arriving oct20

We, of course, had no reservation but the seating was fast on a high table for 5 as took my Dad as well. He usually likes beef but in his condition I gave him fish and he ated well! The setting of course is contemporary with impeccable cleanniness and nice friendly attention by servers. Even the chef owner comes around to ask you on the meal. Very traditional indeed!

And we started with an old familiar a bottle of red côt or malbec red wine from Poiron-Dabin of Château Thebaud! Funny we have visited the winery and are a frequent buyer of these wines, we have them at home too! Of course very good quality/price wines. Here is the wine from the source: http://www.poiron-dabin.com/fr/product/cot-malbec-2014/

pontivy l aiglon resto dining room oct20

We follow with the entrée which was a frosty egg soup type, very innovative light and good! the main dish was roast codfish with white butter and risotto rice, very nice. And the finish was the dessert fig pudding in red wine flambée! delicious. I finish with a coffee expresso, my sons skip the dessert and had the café gourmand coffee expresso and small desserts. All for about 27€ per person, nice and easy.

pontivy l aiglon resto cave a vins oct20

The official webpage of the L’Aiglon Pontivy: http://www.laiglon-pontivy.com/

pontivy l aiglon resto facing the castle oct20

We spent quite a bit of time here and had a look at the castle of the Rohan across the street! We continue our route towards the coasts of the Côtes d’Armor of my Bretagne. Hope you enjoy the resto trip and story.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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