Brazil, this is Natal!

Ok so going over my posts realised many were done in a general way with few details of things to see. I am revising the text with some new and some old photos in my blog. I like to tell you a bit more of my passing by Natal in the north east of Brazil.

I went to the North East area covering a vast terrain of over 600 kms from Natal to Fortaleza and surrounding areas. I went thru Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport connecting to Natal and then by car on the road!!! wonderful all the way to Fortaleza and a bit more. I will post something on Natal and then Fortaleza.

Natal is the capital of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, situated at the edge of the Atlantic ocean in the Nord-Est region. The airport I landed here is the Greater Natal International Airport in São Gonçalo do Amarante about 30 km or 19 mi from Natal. This I came on Lantam airlines ;the airport site is here:

natal airport going out may16

I proceeded to the hotel, the Holiday Express hotel by Ponta Negra beach area, very nice the beach across and great views! the hotel is here:



While moving around in the area by car, we ate at the wonderful Camaroés restaurant in Natal, recomm always of locals. shrimp is the name of the restaurant and you know why when you eat them here. Simply awesome in a bed of rice and cheese. More info here:


I like to inject a bit of history I like on Natal.

The first Portuguese expedition took place in 1535 with the aim of colonizing the lands. Before that, the French had already arrived here to smuggle brazilwood. And that was the main reason for the failure of the first attempt at colonization. The Potiguares Indians helped the French to fight the colonizers, preventing the Portuguese from settling on Potiguares lands. On December 25, 1597, a new Portuguese expedition, this time led by Mascarenhas Homem and Jerânimo de Albuquerque, arrived to expel the French and regain the captaincy. Finally, the town of Natal was founded on December 25 1599, Christmas Day which is why it takes the name from the Latin Natale (birth).

Many attacks later and even the Dutch domination, in 1633, the routine of the village that is beginning to evolve was totally changed. For 21 years, the fort was renamed Fort Kenlen and Natal Nova Amsterdam. With the departure of the Dutch, the city returns to normal. Due to its privileged geographical position, it is the point of the Americas closest to Europe, in WWII, served as a military base for North Americans, gaining airs of international metropolis, definitively transforming Natal and the city had its name known to millions of citizens around the world.

The tourist office for Natal is here:

Some of the nice things to see here which even to castle lack pictures but worth coming back for them in my opinion are the Natal Dunes State Park considered the second largest urban park in Brazil. The Cashew of Pirangi the biggest cashew tree in the world. In 1994, it entered the Guinness book as the tree which covers the largest area, 8,400 square meters! The above mentioned fortress or Forte dos Reis Magos or Fortaleza dos Reis Magos is a medieval fortress that was the first milestone of the city, founded on 25 December 1599 on the right side of the bar of the river Potenji; which today near the Newton Navarro Bridge. The Newton Navarro bridge is one of the highest bridges in Brazil and has over a gorgeous sunset seen from Potengi River.

The Brazil tourist board on Natal

And there you go , nice to have Natal better explain in my blog. Wonderful road warrior experience on the roads of the North East of Brazil! Memories forever!! Hope you enjoy the post on Natal.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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