Fortaleza, Cearà, and Brazil!!!

Ok so going over my posts realised many were done in a general way with few details of things to see. I am revising the text with some new and some old photos in my blog. I like to tell you a bit more of my passing by Fortaleza in the north east of Brazil.

I went to the North East area covering a vast terrain of over 600 kms from Natal to Fortaleza and surrounding areas. I went thru Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport connecting to Natal and then by car on the road!!! wonderful all the way to Fortaleza and a bit more. I will post something on Natal and then Fortaleza.

Fortaleza is the capital of the state of Ceará, in the North East region of Brazil.  Its name derives from Fort Schoonenborch, built by the Dutch during their second control of the region between 1649 and 1654. It is located along of the Atlantic coast, with a total of 15 beaches and 34 km long including Iracema beach and Meireles beach.

Iracema Beach is one of the most frequented places with its bars and some historic buildings such as St. Peter’s Church, Estoril and the English Bridge, as well as art galleries and the Dragão do Mar of Arts and Culture. It is also here that fishermen and surfers meet. In the square of Meireles is the avenue Beira Mar, which ends in Mucuripe. It has the largest concentration of hotels in the city as well as the city’s most important craft fair.

This is ok now to tell you a bit about the history of Fortaleza ,that I like

The Potiguaras, indigenous people  that come from Fortaleza. They probably populated part of the coast, with probably other tribes belonging to the Tupis group.  Before the colonization of Ceará, there were two passages of European fleets in Fortaleza. Spanish navigators Vicente Yáñez Pinzón and Diego de Lepe landed on the coast before Pedro Alvares Cabral’s voyage to Brazil. Pinzón reached a place believed to be Mucuripe, and Lepe landed at the mouth of the Ceará river in Fortaleza. These discoveries could not be formalized due to the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494 (separated lands between Portugal and Spain ).

The beginning of the occupation of the territory where Fortaleza is located today dates from 1597-1598, when a branch of the Potiguara ethnic group that inhabited the region around the Fort of the Kings migrated and settled between the banks of the Coco and the Ceará rivers, in the Pacatuba and Maranguape valley. From 1603, the Portuguese began to colonize Ceara. The Portuguese Pero Coelho de Sousa arrives at the mouth of the Ceará river. In 1631, the Dutch tried to take Fort Saint-Sébastien, but this joint action with the Potiguara Indians failed. In 1637, they finally managed to take the fort, always with the help of the native populations. In 1644, Fort Saint-Sébastien was destroyed by the Indians. The Dutch are killed or expelled. In 1649, a new Dutch expedition, commanded by Matias Beck and negotiated beforehand with the Indians, allowed the construction of Fort Schoonenborch on the banks of the Riacho Pajeú. This is the event that triggers the beginning of the history of Fortaleza. In 1654, with the withdrawal of the Dutch, the fort was renamed Fort de Notre-Dame de l’Assomption. In 1812, the fortress of Our Lady of the Assumption, was rebuilt, replacing the remains of the old fortress of the same name. (see my post on the fortress).

A bit more on the fortress here:

Between 1943 and 1945, the WWII affected Fortaleza, which hosted the Special Service for the Mobilization of Workers for the Amazon (SEMTA) and two American bases at a base in Pici and the base in Cocorote.

I hit on Fortaleza on my road warrior ways in the northeast. A big city meaning Fortress, and there is one nice with canons looking at the sea,and now a military fort (see post). Right around it you have the Passeio Publico or public park nice , and across the great Mercado Central or market with multi layered floors almost like a shopping center/Mall!! with the best prices in town, get some cashews the local favorites or Cajù. Next you have the wonderful Cathedral Metropolitana, (see post).

These are mentioned in my blog so just give you their webpages for reminders of things to see here:

The Passeio Publico

fortaleza parque public statue may16

The Mercado Central market:

forta mercado central side may16

The Metropolitan Cathedral:

Its airport is Pinto Martins International Airport. It is located 6 km from the city center. Fortaleza is Brazil’s closest state capital to Europe, with 5,467 km separating it from Sagres in Portugal. During World War II, the airport was used by Allied forces. It was at this time that a second airstrip was built. The official webpage here;

forta airport departures may16

You have Le Cirque Amar circus that comes every year, nice event indeed, love them, can’t help putting it here: right next to great mall shopping Center Iguatemi.  Not far from here I stayed at the nice Comfort Hotel, central to all!!! Nice room and great views as well at Meireles beach. More info here:

forta iguatemi shopping ctr entr may16

forta comfort hotel arriv blvd may16

And we had a great lunch at Coco Bambù, another great seafood restaurant I love it. shrimp and fish cobia dishes were sublime indeed recommended by locals and now to you must eat here:

forta coco bambu resto parking may16

forta coco bambu resto shrimps may16

At Iracema beach, we were part of the celebration on the ousting of a President (Lula) ! peaceful and very democratic an example to follow for many countries. Here we had our dinner with beers and fish dishes at Boteco Prai right next to the beach in the center of it all, great place must be there. More info here:

forta iracema beach bar boteco entr may16

forta iracema beach bar boteco to beach may16

My last resting place lol!! can move here too, was at Praia de Langoinha (see post) or langoinha beach, a town by the beach, lovely. I stayed at the Vivamar Hotel right on the beach. We ate here too a combi of shrimp and fish cobia that was sublime while looking at the wonderful beach below us. The rooms face the sea too. More info on the hotel here:

Praia da Lagoinha beach front vivamar hotel may16

The tourist office of Brazil on Fortaleza

And I ended this wonderful trip flying out of Fortaleza airport  to Sao Paulo airport and then to Paris CDG. Took the RER B train to gare du Nord and then Metro line 4 to Montparnasse for the TGV train  home to Auray. A bit long but used by now to get out of Bretagne!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. One of the cities in Brazil that I would like to visit. Thanks for sharing.

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