Mérida of Mexico!!!

Here I go again with some nostalgia in my blog. Well, the main reason I started my blog back in Nov 2010 was to expose my life and travels in it. This along with some wonderful moments of family and friends over the years since birth. That is paris1972-versailles2003 , saw Paris for the first time in 1972 and came to live in Versailles permanently in 2003, a life story.

I have been to Mexico several times and travel from north to south of it. However, this time was special. I had new family marrying to Mexican in Mérida, Yucatàn, Mexico!!! So therefore, when the opportunity arose to visit Mexico city on one of my business trips, took advantage to take a flight to Mérida and see the family. We still talk about this event!

There now lives my aunt, (passed away in 2022 RIP) sister of my dear late mom Gladys and my cousin and husband. So it was a pleasant trip indeed. Memories forever at Mérida , who would have guess it!!!

As I had a nice weekend to do something extra and know that I have family living in Mérida, Yucatàn for several years now took the opportunity for a visit. Online got me a ticket on Interjet airlines of Mexico. Their webpage here: Interjet airlines

The flight took off from terminal 1 at Mexico airport to Merida airport for an easy landing and getting out. The airport webpage is here: Mérida airport Asur main page: Official Merida airport site


Here the flight was easy and comfortable and had my cousin waiting for me at the airport to take me to her house. I had the inmense pleasure of seeing cousins and aunt that had not seen in person for several years, and we all had a great time. I was able to finally go out to do some shopping and restaurants as well as eating a real meal at a home away from home!!!!

However, let me tell you a bit of the history I like as by now a habit of mine, can’t visit without knowing the place!

Mérida ,call the white city is the capital of the state of Yucatán. It is  located about 30 km from the coast, south of the Gulf of Mexico and north of the Yucatán Peninsula near the epicenter of the Chicxulub crater. The ancient Tiho, or Ichcanziho, which means city of 5 hills was one of the main cities of the Maya province of Chacán. The Spanish conquistador Francisco de Montejo (son) , founded there on January 6, 1542 the city of Mérida.

Mérida is a stopover, even a privileged place to stay, when visiting the Yucatán peninsula. The Dzibilchaltún site is 17 km to the north. In August 1993, Pope John Paul II visited the city on his third trip to Mexico. The city has hosted two bilateral treaty conferences between the United States and Mexico, the first in 1999 (Bill Clinton & Vincente Fox) and the second in 2007 (George W. Bush & Felipe Calderón).

Some of the nice places to walk and see and admit not seen it all, more for a next time. These in my opinion and from local exchanges, the Plaza de la Independencia. This square, also called Zócalo , represents the historic center of Mérida. Very quickly, you will be struck by the imposing San Idelfonso Cathedral built with stones from the ancient Mayan temples of T’ho. The Casa de los Montejo, the oldest building in Mérida built in 1542. It was once the home of the city’s founding father, Francisco de Montejo. This mansion belonged to the Montejo family until the 20C. Today, it houses the Casa de la Cultura, a museum dedicated to exhibiting the objects and furniture of the former owners. The street Paseo de Montejo is lined with luxurious mansions and a number of colonial-era buildings. These are now used as Mérida’s most prestigious hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. On the Paseo de Montejo stands the largest monument in Mérida,  Palacio de Gobierno is, as its name suggests, a palace that houses the government offices of the state of Yucatán. Know that you can visit part of this palace. For a local museum, head for the Museum of Anthropology and History of Yucatán located in the Palacio Cantón.

This is a private site that can tell you a lot about Yucatàn in general and Mérida in particular , even if thinking of moving to live here! https://yucatanliving.com/destinations/the-neighborhoods-of-merida

In Merida, I visited a couple of big shopping mall. The smaller and older was Plaza Altabrisas, here you have Docker’s, Adolfo Dominguez, Tommy Hilfiger, C&A, Sears, Game Planet, old favorite Radio Shack, and a big hypermarket Soriana, which is very good with huge selections too. They have many old favorites to eat such as Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen ice creams, Chili’s and IHOP as well as Subway and a nice local one El Fogoncito. Great for the whole family; more here: Plaza Altabrisas Merida



It was the closest to my family so we headed for breakfast at one of my all times favorites IHOP! I had a wonderful breakfast with my cousin, and it was just like the old days. IHOP is tops and you should try them anywhere! I had the sausage omelette, toasted bread, pancakes nature with strawberry sauce just wonderful. More info here: https://www.ihopmexico.com/sucursales/ihop-merida/

merida altabrisas shopping IHOP breakfast sep18


Another one even bigger than above and recently open is La Isla at Merida. An artificial island that is why the name la isla, the island. It is at  Plaza la Isla Cabo.  For starter one of my old favorite Osh’Kosh children store, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, another big Cinepolis cinema and a games exchange place we enjoyed in Spain and name CEX; old favorite eateries such as Krispy Kreme, a nice irish pub MaCarthy’s with a nice terrace and an upper level bar Distrito Gourmet with sports TV screens, and a lineup of drinks of all sorts. More on the shopping center here: http://www.laislamerida.mx/




While at it, we started actually at street level of La Isla shopping center and try some pints at McCarthy’s Irish Pub with some fries on cheddar cheese delicious, only we needed to go as the electricity went out lol! More here: http://www.laislamerida.mx/directorio-act/mccarthys-irish-pub

Go down of page on official site, and find the McCarthy’s Irish Pub at La Isla: http://www.mccarthyspub.com.mx/find-us.php

merida la isla shopping macarthys irish pub entrance sep18


We had wonderful drinks on another day, with nice modelo negra beer at Distrito Gourmet Bar upper level of La Isla shopping in Merida. Cold ones and relaxed ambiance while watching American football, and baseball at the same time on separate screens TV’s. Here is more on it! http://www.laislamerida.mx/directorio-act/distrito-gourmet

And their official webpage for Distrito Gourmet Bar is here: https://www.distritogourmet.mx//distritos/plaza-la-isla


While indulging on the nice beers of the District Gourmet above, we ordered paella from the Tasca Brava just across and it was rather nice dish with good portions and wonderful views and company of my cousins. So new not yet in the directory but is there alright. This one did not make it,no longer there but keep it for the memories , always nice to remember! There are actually a brand name of Distrito Gourmet, here is more on the Tasca Brava: https://www.distritogourmet.mx//locales/la-tasca-brava


As usual on these encounters, the trip back was sad but life goes on, my family is all over even if all came from the same little town in Havana. The trip back was on Interjet as well landing at Terminal 1 in Mexico city airport. Here was just a transfer to my international flight back to France on same terminal with Air France.  And of course, same routine of landing in Nantes, this time my car was waiting to get me home!


Hope you enjoy the story , and share the moment with me. Family is family no matter where we are. Mérida is nice and now family there too !!!  And ,remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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