State of Minas Gerais, Brazil!

And on my road warrior trips in beautiful Brazil, I like to take you back to the State of Minas Gerais with new text and new photos in my blog. This is inland Brazil often too often overlook by visitors but the real thing as often the case in what could be call off the beaten paths. Hope you enjoy it as I did.

I have told you a bit about Minas Gerais but let me tell you a bit more.

The State of Minas Gerais is known for its colonial-era towns founded in the 18C during the Gold Rush. With cobbled streets, rich, ornate mansions and Baroque churches. This state is rich in mines of precious stones ,emeralds in particular. Its name in Portuguese means “Common mines”, an allusion to the mines which then depended on the Portuguese Crown. Minas Gerais is called “the mountain state of Brazil”, because the South and the South-East correspond to the Brazilian highlands, with the serra da Mantiqueira and the serra do Espinhaço. To the southwest, the Mining Triangle stretches out, with its sandstone plateaus, of extraordinary geological diversity and a great wealth of ferrous and non-ferrous ores.

A bit of history I like

In 1708, the first major conflict in the region took place, between Emboabas (“Those who offend” in the Tupi language) and Paulistas, from the province of São Paulo. Defeated, the latter went to colonize more distant regions. The creation of the Minas de Ouro harbor master’s office in 1709 which were called from 1720 Minas Gerais also helped to end the conflict . From the second half of the 18C, gold production showed obvious signs of decline. This encouraged the Portuguese Crown to raise taxes and confiscate the property of those who could not or would not pay. In response, deep discontent on the part of the Mineiros, the inhabitants of the region, arose. Influenced by the ideals of the Enlightenment born in Europe, the Creole elite supported a republican project for Minas Gerais. After independence in 1822 and the establishment of the Empire, the conservative party took power in 1840, causing the revolt of the liberals. Armed conflicts broke out in the province of São Paulo, with the support of liberal Mineiros. To contain the insurgents, the imperial government sent the army until the insurrectionary movement was crushed. You know then came the Republic of Brazil and dictatorship and then democracy as of now.

After doing some roundups in Sao Paulo State , it was time to come back to some familiar places in Minas Gerais State. I first went to Tres Coracoes which is best known as the birthplace of the great football/soccer player Péle! It has a statue in the entrance to the town.  It even has a museum on the street house he was born. See post

Once there, had the honor of staying at the Pousada Calabreza, a nice simple hotel too simple the TV did not work but did had time to rest after the long 4 hrs trek by car.  They have a hotel propertly said in city center a bit better for longer accommodations. My info tells me the pousada has been closed or handle thru the hotel site…The Facebook page is here :

tres coracoes pousada calabrese pool may17

I was taken to eat at Venda do Chico, more on the side of Très Coraçoes on the road to Varghina; a marvelous place in a farm with cafeteria, resto and grocery store where the coffee is done on an oven the old fashion way. The company was nice, the service great, and the food sublime with minas gerais original food in pork,beef, rice and beans, salads all in different dishes to serve oneself,and original antarctica beers! wonderful;need to repeat here!! More on their webpage:

Tres coracoes venda de chico resto arriving may17

tres coracoes venda do chico cafe stand nov15

Of course, on this trip, went again to Varghina and stayed at a wonderful hotel restaurant there! The hotel was the Hotel Café Royal right in city center near the University campus and much more lively.  This was a very nice hotel, good space rooms and good service as well as a great restaurant with glass windows views of the city. More info here:




This is one more fact to show that when traveling as I do, prefer the in country ambiance and real people for great talks and sharing a glass of beer rather than the more bigger tourist traps.  This country is laid back and nice with real people and if you are looking for relax, nice natural sites, architecture ,and especially nice folks around then come here to Minas Gerais inland.

In Varginha we went to a nice restaurant trés chic on a secluded street in town but great chefs creation of beef. The great cuts were awesome and the wine from Chile Taparapa was nice.  The chef owner came out to talk to us and it was nice indeed, a memorable moment. this is the Braseado restaurant at ave Salum Assad David ,30. Due to covid19 I believe the restaurant seems closed but the chef has a Facebook page for home delivery meals here:


If anything, these need to be in my blog for the wonderful memories given to me over the years visiting Brazil. You have the tourism information from the State of Minas Gerais here:

The tourist board of Minas Gerais is here in Portuguese too:

The tourist board of Brazil on touristic sites in Minas Gerais

A private site with good information on Brazil, have it on Minas Gerais:

Voilà, another wonderful trip to beautiful Brazil and the State of Minas Gerais, recommended to dwell into this area. For me there will always be great memories and good friendship now still in contact! Hope you enjoy the post as I did/do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I also went to the neighbouring state of Goiás, where you can also find these old Portuguese small towns resulting from the gold rushes. Today they take advantage of the proximity of Brasilia to serve as a bit of historical backbone for a futuristic city. I enjoyed visiting Goiás and Pirenópolis.

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