At Belize ,life is beautiful!!

Here I am back in my roots area of the Americas! Always glorious to be back and see the clear seas again.

The trips now are long and tiring but once there, life comes alive and the beautiful views and tranquil folks makes it all worth while. I have written before on Belize but this is an updated text and photos. Hope you enjoy it as I did.

Yes way down over across Belize life is beautiful. I heard a lot about it as diving and fishing and retirement place for years. I have the chance to visited it for a week, and I agree. However, it is catchy and sublime, one begin to think about why not a retirement there…. Belize.

I had a different approach than most; coming from Chetumal ,Mexico, by road warrior ! car crossing the border with my French passport, glorious trip. We started at the top of the country on the road from Corozal, on the Corozal-Progresso road downward bypassing Belize City, then on the western road to Belmopan (the official Capital city), continuing to Dandriga, then Independance/Mango Creek, to Placencia. On the way back we did passed by Belize City.

We stopped by for the great WiFi at Rose’s bar restaurant in Placencia, and did some groceries at Ming Supermarket  near the post office in Placencia. The best area was by Barefoot bar and we stop at the funky Tupsy Tuna bar in Placencia by the beach, great ambiance. We stayed at the Alan’s Paradise Resort ,wonderful accommodation, great hosts, funny people,and super views of the ocean not to mention the drinks at the bar and the Karaoke. Webpage here:






On the way back to Mexico, we entered Belize City, a bit more of  a little town with a nice beachwall along the ocean.  We overnighted at the Ramada Princess hotel Calypso restaurant right on the bay. This is a great complex with hotel casino, and restaurants just near city center and the craftmarket, we ate here at the Calypso Beach Restaurant. wonderful fried fish whole from the catch of the day, and the local beer Belikin. Now part of the Wyndham group here is more info:





We continue north on the Western road towards Chetumal Mexico to take our plane to Mexico City. Belize will be remember ,and will keep an eye for that retirement spot…

The tourist board for Belize :

The tourist office for Placencia:

And I thought a great place for full retirement here at Mango Creek:


So now you have a piece of Belize and some thoughts as I did. A peaceful place of great seashores and scuba diving par excellence, need to come to the Caribbean folks. Hope you enjoy the post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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3 Comments to “At Belize ,life is beautiful!!”

  1. Interesting review on a part of Belize that I don’t know, the south. Thanks.

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  2. We were in Placencia early 2018 …. There’s a veranda overlooking the beach and that’s where I want to be!!!!

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