The Philippines a country of islands!

I need to refresh , revise the text on this one. Sometimes, they hide amongst my over 3300 posts and really a pity, need to tell you all about it again. The text is revised, the photos are from January 2016. And this is on the Philippines and some of the spots I wrote later in more details. Hope you enjoy it reading as I do.

Well ,I thought about my wonderful stays in the Philippines. Really excited of been there and taken photos in Manila, General Santos City and Cebu.

The Philippines tourist board is here:

My flight was long, leaving by TER Bretagne train from nearby me in Auray to the train station south in Nantes, there taking the navette Express Airport bus for the airport of Nantes while staying for one night at the Escale Océania hotel in the airport just 300 meters from  it. For reference, the hotel webpage is here as used it several times in my trips.

Finally, the next morning walking to the airport and take my AF flight to Paris CDG and then China Southern Airlines to Guangzhou China , changing again on China Southern to Manila inter airport.

Upon arrival headed straight to my hotel and main base there the  City Garden Grand Hotel in the Makati business district of Manila. A very nice and central hotel that took walking to several places mentioned in previous posts. More here;




I stayed mostly in Makati district and was able to go the wonderful Ayala Malls and especifically in the Greenbelt malls 1 thru 5.   In here , there is a great Ayala museum with great exhibits and cultural awareness.More info here:


I did went for lunch to Apartment IB, I had passed it by and thought it was an apartment building ,actually its a restaurant with gourment new cuisine tastes and it was fabuleuse, fish and chips with San Miguel beers. Their webpage is here:


Having spent couple of days here and visiting the museums ,I set up for General Santos City on Cebu Pacific Airlines.  More on them here:

As written in other post, just let you know that visited the Tuna capital of the Philippines or General Santos City or GenSan.  You need to read for security reasons if coming here but the beaches are very nice. Here ,I had local driver and stay at the Microtel by Wynham hotel. Their webpage here:

gen santos city microtel hotel arriving jan16

While at GenSan , I ate at Big Ben Restaurant, where the tuna steak was great as the city is famous for it ,tuna that is. More in their  Facebook page  here:

gen santos city big ben resto night jan16

I went for dinner at Gillian’s where the tuna feast continue, and great San Miguel beers, the resto is a chain and this one was Inside the Veranza mall a nice shopping place too.  More on the resto here:

gen santos city gillians resto mall veranza inside jan16

So , if want to browse for some bargain shopping, its the best one two combination in town, here is the KCC Mall and Veranza Mall webpage:

gen santos city veranza mall entr jan16

I came back to Makati ,Manila area and then went out to Cebu, a beautiful area. One, that I later came back the most! This time thus, flew on Philippines Airlines, and it was a same day roundtrip.

There in Cebu had lunch at the Pancake House, nice friendly place in a shopping center, you can  see more of it here, and I had ham omelet with sprite here for a change lol!!! More here:


Going out I took Philippines airline to reach Jakarta Indonesia , and then transfer on Garuda airline to Surabaya Indonesia , my next stop on this trip; which ,also will take me back to Jakarta and onwards home to Nantes on Air France!!!.  It will remain a wonderful experience and good memories of the welcome everywhere.  Enjoy the Philippines experience!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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