Indonesia: Jakarta here I come, again!

I taken que from others and revising some much older posts on my trips around the world, slowly. This time I am taking you back to Jakarta ,Indonesia with updated text and older photos.

And again by Jakarta, Indonesia. Yes, it was always pleasant trips and looking forward to be back soon. Still with many friends there all over that would love to see again.

It feels like a vibrant modern city, with beautiful shopping centers, nightlife to boot,and great hotels, the one I stayed this time is first time and by now , well lost count but have been several hotels lol!

And of course, I stayed in a hotel! and twice. The first round was for five nights and then there is one night before heading back home. Both times was a new hotel experience, the Swiss Belinn Hotel Simantupang, was a great experience even if the breakfast choices were few to me. The rooms were great, modern clean and spacious, and the location was good.  The funny story here is we were taken a taxi from the airport but i was wiht a local friend; we got into really heavy traffic, and could see the hotel nearby but the car was not moving. Therefore, my friend, said , lets walk and will get there earlier. So we walk the streets full of scooters cars buses you name was pack just getting around them! and we did arrived to the hotel before the taxi!!! Needless, to say we pay the regular fare anyway. Great experience! Here is the hotel webpage:



I did a bit of driving the next day to Bogor just about 1h30 from Jakarta (50 kms but , traffic, alas) and into another world,different more exotic but I still preferred Jakarta of them all; well just a city boy ::) The tourist office of Indonesia has something on it here:


I did some shopping and enjoy the famous Starbucks at the Central Park Mall , Jakarta; a huge mall with plenty of shops and restaurant with a beautiful central garden and maybe got its name from it. I had most of the meals at the hotel, but one night went out to the above mall restaurant, The Duck King,Level 1,  wonderful resto with baskets of different foods like wraps in shrimp, and an egg yolk bread type of ball, all with a mix pineapple orange drink delicious and different.  Funny do not see it listed now and had the old link so it is gone history now, just for the memories. Anyway this is a must for shopping and eating here. More info here :



I did some driving in Jakarta which is an adventure, my driver ho ho ho was great even needing my GPS to get around the deadlock traffic in town! If you have time as I did, this is great way to see the real pulse of the city on the road ,in the pavement, with the traffic, Jakarta rocks!!


Another night went out into another mall that have been before to meet some friends; this is Sate Khas Senayan in the Town Square Mall Cilandak. Typical home food and great fry fish indeed. Try it , it is great! This is a foody site in Indonesia with info on the restaurant Zomato:


In all, it was a trip with little time to see things ,the longest that I have been in the country usually a week, this time stayed for two weeks!!

The Jakarta tourist office in English:

The Indonesia Tourist Office on Jakarta:

Hope you enjoy the post. Always looking forward to come to see the exotic and less known, Jakarta,Indonesia is one nice spot if you like foodies and nightlife.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

4 Comments to “Indonesia: Jakarta here I come, again!”

  1. Nice experience you share here. Loved the one with the taxi and the hotel. I guess he made you pay the full fare because you bit him on foot, while he was in car and propably his friends call him Raikonnen. So the guy propably believes he is as fast as Raikonnen, lol just kidding. He just got paid for his job 😉 Nice photos. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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  2. Oh, Sate Khas Senayan in CITOS (Cilandak Town Square)….it’s near from my home😀😀.

    Liked by 1 person

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