Loudéac and its church!!!

And yes staying in this city north of me about an hour from home; already visited, done post by in October 21 2018 on the nice Saint Nicolas Church, which this is an update on text and new photos.

Loudéac is located in the Côtes-d’Armor department, 22 in the region of Bretagne. Loudéac has a name in Gallo, the local language: Loudia. It is located 20 km from Pontivy, 37 km from Saint-Brieuc, 58 km from Vannes, 80 km from Rennes and 383 km from Paris. The road axis is very good with the east west N164 road and the south north D700  Saint-Brieuc-Vannes; my way. There is no train station but SNCF buses take care of you to Saint-Brieuc, Rennes, Pontivy, Lorient and Vannes.

loudeac ch st nicolas arriving sep20

The Saint Nicolas Church its main body were built between 1758 and 1762 with stones from the ruins of the castle of La Chèze (see post). The bell tower having already been built between 1733 and 1746. The Saint-Nicolas Church was completed in 1765, and blessed on September 24, 1758. The bell tower dates from 1743-1746 and the nave dates from 1758-1762. The choir dates from the 18-19C. The organs date from 1854. Its high canopy altar in carved wood and Carrara marble was done 1771. The hosannière cross, in wrought iron dates from the beginning of the 19C. The statues of Saint Maurice and Saint Nicolas, in marble, date from 1775. In the south altarpiece, the statue of the Virgin and Child, in polychrome wood, dates from the 14C.

loudeac ch st nicolas front funeral sep20

loudeac ch st nicolas chevet sep20

The interior of the Saint Nicolas Church is marked with rich ornamentation which can be attributed to the Renaissance style. However, this style does not continue on the exterior, which is remarkably understated. Also noteworthy is the church tower with three stories high, it is crowned with a dome, not a steeple.

loudeac ch st nicolas nave funeral sep20

Funeral service was going on so did not took inside photos…..RIP

loudeac ch st nicolas side left belltower sep20

There are also many artistic works inside the Saint Nicolas Church, such as marble statues or a remarkable choir with canopy. The construction of this carved wood and marble choir took 15 years of work and lasted from 1763 to 1778. The statues represent different saints, including Saint Maurice and Saint Yves. There is also the list of 245 young local Loudeacians killed during WWI or Great War, placed on the left wall.

loudeac ch st nicolas side right celtic dance sep20

You can see above photo, there was a Celtic dancers practicing on the square next to the church!

loudeac ch st nicolas side left entry sep20

Also outside the Saint Nicolas Church is the Hosanna Cross, so called because the Hosanna psalms were sung there at Easter time. This wrought iron cross dates from 1817. Visible both from the outside and from the inside of the church, the stained glass windows are part of the charm of the church. They were made in the 19C and represent gifts made by locals in recognition of the favors received by the various saints.

loudeac ch st nicolas clock tower and Christ cross sep20

A bit on the Saint name for the church. Saint Nicolas was born in Patara, a region of Lycia in south-western Asia Minor in the 3C. On a voyage to Egypt and Palestine, he saves his ship’s crew from drowning by calming the raging seas in a storm. On his return from this trip, he became bishop of Myra. According to witnesses of the time, Saint Nicolas resuscitated three children. Lost in the night, the children find refuge with a butcher. This one kills them and puts them in the salting tub. Seven years later, Saint Nicholas also found refuge with this man and gave life to the three children. Thanks to this miracle, he becomes the protector of the children. Saint Nicholas died on December 6, 343 and was buried in Myre. Today, the feast of Saint Nicolas (St Nikolas) is celebrated on the day of his death, especially in eastern France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. During this feast, Saint Nicolas visits the children and rewards their good behavior by offering them sweets and oranges.

The city of Loudéac on the Saint Nicolas Churchhttps://www.ville-loudeac.fr/leglise-de-saint-nicolas/

The tourist office of Central Brittany on the Church Saint Nicolashttp://www.centrebretagne.com/office-de-tourisme/decouvrir/patrimoine/un-chapelet-dedifices-religieux/eglise-st-nicolas-a-loudeac.html

And there you go folks a memorable church more on my next post, as said been here way back! Loudéac is one of those off the beaten path towns that are worth the detour even if only or best reach it by car. The Saint Nicolas Church is nice too, but could not get inside this time because a funeral service was going on. Hope you enjoy the post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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