La Trinité Porhoët and a church!!!

And I continue telling you about this nice town, a surprise on my first visit and only an hour from my house by car! There is so much to see, and wonderful architecture and history I like. So let me tell you about the must see in La Trinité Porhoët ,its abbey church!!!

La Trinité-Porhoët is located in my Morbihan department no. 56, in the region of Bretagne. The Trinity of the Holy Trinity representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Villa de Trinitate was known from 1251 recalls that this place can be linked to the existence of a Gallo-Roman villa. It is 52 kms from Vannes, and 16 km from Josselin. About an hour from my house!

The Church Abbey de la Trinité or of the Trinity is an imposing monument here the moment you arrive into town. It would have belonged to the order of the Templars. In the 11C, with the foundation of a priory by the monks of Saint-Jacut, the inhabitants of La Trinité-Porhoët deserted the parish church of Saint-Judicaël for that of La Trinité.

la trinite porhoet

This vast building is built on a steep drop: the climb to the choir is remarkable. The church, priory and parish, includes a nave of seven bays, accompanied by aisles, a transept and a choir terminated by a rectilinear wall. The north aisle, in Romanesque style, consists of six semicircular arcades. The south aisle is formed by ogival arches surmounted by four bays. The nave, dated to the 11-12-13C, was modified in the 15C. The north aisle of the nave, and the large semicircular arches supported on polygonal or cylindrical pillars which communicate with it, and part of the wall of the south aisle, date from the 12C. In the 13C, a portal was opened on the north aisle where the pointed arch adjoins the semicircular arch. In the 15C, on this same north aisle, a chapel was built preceded by a Gothic porch, vaulted with ribs. In the 15C, the arcades of the south aisle and those of the square of the transept were redone in a third point, with a double roller, as well as the columns with capitals decorated with foliage, engaged in the cylindrical pillars which support them. The eastern parts, the choir, the braces and the bell tower on the square of the transept, were redone from 1742 to 1787.

la trinite porhoet ch abbey de la Trinité front sep20

la trinite porhoet ch abbey de la Trinité altar sep20

The Church Abbey of the Trinity is covered with a framework, the northern end of which is carved with florets, foliage and angels bearing the instruments of the Passion. A 1495 bell, bearing the Rohan family’s arms, bears the names of the founders, Raoul and Robert Guilbert and their companion J. Hurel. The western portal and the granite baptistery date from the 13C. Four sculpted heads decorate the angles of the baptistery. In 1870, there were still fourteen small altars in the church, often served by seven or eight priests attached to the parish of La Trinité-Porhoët. Today, only four altars remain. According to local tradition, Mme de Sévigné would have offered an altar to the Church Abbey of La Trinité. The tree of Jesse, decorated at its base with the shields of the families of Rohan and Porhoët, traces the descendants of Jesus. He is represented on an altarpiece dating from 1675: in the center of this altarpiece stands a statue of the Holy Trinity surrounded by statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The altar of the Rosary dates from the 17C. The altar of the Holy Spirit has paintings embedded in a woodwork and representing Saint Judicaël, Saint Fiacre and the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles.

la trinite porhoet ch abbey de la Trinité altar piece sep20

la trinite porhoet ch abbey de la Trinité baptismal font sep20

la trinite porhoet ch abbey de la Trinité chapel left sep20

la trinite porhoet ch abbey de la Trinité chapel right sep20

There is a recumbent Christ, life-size and in polychrome wood, from the 16C and a Virgin from the 16C. In the sacristy, there is a fairly beautiful chalice in gilded silver, embossed and engraved, adorned with enamels dating from the 16C. This place of worship was built to accommodate pilgrims who come since the 7C to honor the forgiveness of the Holy Trinity. On each of the pillars of these aisles were once painted the Coëtlogon coat of arms (only one coat of arms remains of the Coëtlogon coat of arms). The most remarkable part of the church is its western portal. The statue of the Holy Trinity, dates from 1889. The painting representing the Rosary dates from 1852.

la trinite porhoet ch abbey de la Trinité mis en tombeau Christ sep20

la trinite porhoet ch abbey de la Trinité statue Sainte Trinité sep20

The city of La Trinité Porhoët on the Church Abbey of the Trinity

The area tourist office of Broceliande on the Church Abbey of the Trinity

This is a monumental church right in the city center of La Trinité Porhoët and worthy of visiting if its the only thing you come here for. We love it and will need to return for more. I was lucky it was open because of the European Heritage Days! The Church Abbey of the Trinity is wonderful indeed. Hope you enjoy the post as we do

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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