Vannes and Roadside!!

So once again by Vannes, well try not to put up too many as we are always by here. However, this is unique as usually dont take a post to describe a restaurant but its so much us!

We have been for the first time to the branch in Lorient, and then came to the one in Vannes. However, only have pictures of the Lorient property in my blog and figure its about time for Vannes and the Roadside burgers!

For memory, the one in Lorient is at Roadside Burgers, 28 rue Auguste Nayel very near the Place Aristide Briand, central square there. I did a previous some news Morbihan post on it. My first taste of the chain.

A bit more on the concept, very French huh!

Roadside is a fast food concept that offers artisan American cuisine at fast food prices to eat in or take away. Roadside is inspired by the real burger as it can be tasted in the United States. Its positioning is unique, halfway between fast food restaurants and traditional restaurants whose burgers are to be eaten on site.

vannes roadside burgers counter sep20

Roadside was born in Rennes in 2014, and already conquered the centers of the largest cities in the West,such as Vannes, Rennes, Nantes, Lorient and Brest. It has already opened in Fougères and Laval as well.

vannes roadside burgers left side sep20

A 100% US universe with about 160 photos of the United States hanging on the walls with cuisine based on products from the West… of France. The dishes are prepared on site, to order, in front of the customer and served in ten minutes maximum, which is about right on our experiences. The meat is minced on site and the homemade French fries are cooked twice Belgian style in a deep fryer bought at the Plat Pays. Vegetarian burgers, Hot-dogs, milkshakes, coffee-shops, USA sodas, American beers and Californian wines complete a menu with a strong American flavor. Entry price of a menu (burger, fries, drink): 8.90€.

vannes roadside burgers right side dining sep20

This time I ordered the new burger Kansas, with mushrooms, bacon and the works on two patties of beef. The regular cone filled fries, real can of Fanta orange soda , and my Strawberry milkshake. In all the bill came to 17 Euros per person but my sons eat and eat double!!!!

vannes roadside burgers buzzer sep20

The restaurant is very central in the new section of Vannes surrounded by all our popular stores who are on either side of the voie express or expressway N165. Exact location 135 Avenue de la Marne. And there hope you enjoy it as we did in our routine in beautiful Vannes.

The official Roadside webpage on the Vannes branch here:

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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