Baud and the postcards museum!

So here I am with fresh new photos of something should see more oh well. In the beginning of times, way back; I was a post card collector and reach over 4K cards from 76 countries visited. Somewhere along the lines and into the modern world of the internet and travel forums and then blogs I discovered taking pictures. It was the end of collecting post cards. I still have about 3K of them.

Ok for the story setup. I have a wonderful post cards museum only 13 km from home! Briefly visited once when they were in the old location (see post), and now just went to the new one even if it was closed. Will need to be back for the inside. I have told you briefly about the old location and now the new one of the Le Carton Voyageur  Musée de la carte postale at Baud! The spiral in the background of the pictures is the Church of St  Pierre (see post).

The Le Carton Voyageur is a municipal museum dedicated to the postcard, labelled Musée de France since 2017, it presents the most important public Heritage Fund of France in the matter with a collection of more than 120 000 post cards , 75 000 of them are devoted to historic Brittany, the rest is about the other French regions and foreign countries. As well as illustrating all aspects of daily life in Brittany, France or abroad, the collections cover the 20C and the 21C, with a predilection for the years 1900-1920.

Baud mus le carton voyageur cartes front sep20

The old name of the museum , Cartopole integrates, in September 2015, the premises of the Quatro, the new cultural hub of the town. This move brings the Museum to change its name, it becomes the Le Carton Voyageur  Musée de la Carte Postale . The property occupies an area of 310 m2 of which 220 m2 of exhibition spaces, in addition to the 20 m2 of reserve.

Through an interactive scenography mixing music, sounds, images and videos, the Le Carton Voyageur invites you to stroll through Brittany back and front. Through the eye of the photographer and the millions of correspondence exchanged, you will relive the daily life of Bretons in a unique way; a journey through theh front and back of Brittany where a wedding follows a popular demonstration, a fair for a song by Théodore Botrel. The thousands of landscapes and scenes of everyday life immortalized by photographers and the many correspondence exchanged are all testimonies to the life of our ancestors.

Baud mus le carton voyageur carte postales sep20

It is a very nice interesting museum ,and if you are into postcards as I was it is a must to visit. More info here:

The city of Baud on the Le Carton Voyageur Musée de la Carte Postale

Additional info from the Morbihan tourist office on the post cards museum here:

And there so close yet so far as often the case with me. I am sure will take me another couple of trips to see it all as there is so much to see , even in places not so well known. Baud is a small town in the Morbihan dept 56 of my belle France. The Le Carton Voyageur Musée de la Carte Postale is a novelty to see in a sea of monuments! Hope you enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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5 Comments to “Baud and the postcards museum!”

  1. I’ll have to add this to my list of places to go. I have recently gotten into postcard collecting myself and am finding it an addictive hobby

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  2. Postcard, it seems to belong to another era.

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