Arradon and its harbor!!!

So moving right along in my wonderful beautiful Morbihan breton in my lovely Bretagne of my belle France! I am doing some road warrior trips to places near me that I have briefly written in my blog before, but feel they need more.

So ,therefore, I am telling you here about the port of Arradon at the Pointe or tip and its wonderful sea life only found in Bretagne with its old sea traditions. Let me tell you about Arradon, just next to Vannes and south of me by 30 minutes by car. From me I take the D768 to the beaches direction Arradon then cross over the expressway orN165 and take the road D127 straight to town!

If in France, and if this post arrive on time , do not missed the wonderful program on France TV5  Echappées Belles of Saturday September 5 from 20h50 on the south Morbihan, my area!

Arradon is located on the coast of the Gulf of Morbihan which is 120 km from Rennes and Nantes. This town is bounded to the east by the Vincin river. It borders the cities of Vannes, Ploeren and Baden. Thus, it is part of the agglomeration of Vannes. The town of Arradon has a coastline of 15 km , and is located opposite the Ile aux Moines and the Ile d’Arz with which this town provides transport. Besides, the two Logoden Islands and the small island of Irus belong to Arradon. Ar rad don means in Breton the deep harbor. Indeed, Arradon is one of the deepest passes in the Gulf of Morbihan.


A unique history tell us that five brothers of the Arradon family played a notable role during the Wars of the League, mainly Jérôme d’Arradon, lord of Quinipily, who was governor of Hennebont; he recaptured the city, helped by 2,500 Spanish soldiers, which was held by troops loyal to the King of France in December 1590; René d’Arradon, governor of the city and of the castle of Vannes; Georges d’Arradon, Bishop of Vannes from 1590 until his death in 1596, King’s adviser in the Parliament of Brittany.

Two weekly markets take place on the Place de l’église and rue des frères Mithouard on Tuesday and Friday mornings in winter and Tuesday and Friday morning, from 8h30 to 13h30 pm; in summer, it is Tuesday and Friday morning, 8h to 13h30.

To get to Arradon , you can take Kiceo bus line 4 from Vannes. The route starts from Arradon city/town hall to Saint-Avé, passing through the center of Vannes. Arradon is also served by the peri-urban line 23 which leaves from Larmor Baden to go to the Vannes bus station/train station. It goes through the outskirts of Arradon. During the summer, a 9-seater minibus provides a free connection to the Port of Arradon, as well as between Le Moustoir and the town center on market days. By car as yours truly, you take the expressway road N165 axis Brest to Nantes passes by Arradon at exit/sortie 29 direction Arradon/Ploeren on the road D127. This road D127 passes/connects with the road D101 that takes you internally in local traffic to Vannes into Rue Thiers city center.

They do have nice beaches , such as plage de Kerbilhouet, plage de Penboch, and plage de la Carrière (best). It has a nice marina harbor  , the Pointe d’Arradon is a small peninsula of 700 meters long by 200 meters wide at its widest point and it serves as a boarding terminal for passenger boats visiting  for the nearby island of l‘Ile-aux-Moines (Monks island but there are no monks now), and great seafood!! The Pointe d’ Arradon is a tip of Brittany in the Gulf of Morbihan. It faces the Pointe du Trec’h located on Île-aux-Moines.



Other things to see here in addition to my next posts on Arradon are: the Moulin de Campen mill is a tide mill built on the Vincin river. The Manor of Kérat 15C; the castle of Kéran 13C , The dolmen of Kerhenry, considered as the oldest monument of the town. The Chapelle Sainte-Barbe at rue Saint-Vincent Ferrier.

The town of Arradon tourist information kiosks here:

The tourist office of the Gulf of Morbihan on Arradon

This is another escapade you can have while in the area for just a getaway day or weekend by the sea. Beautiful marina, great boating, kayak canoe kite sailing etc and wonderful seafood! Enjoy the good life at Arradon! Hope you like it as we do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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