Arradon and its Chapel!

So moving right along in my wonderful beautiful Morbihan breton in my lovely Bretagne of my belle France! I am doing some road warrior trips to places near me that I have briefly written in my blog before, but feel they need more.

Arradon is located on the coast of the Gulf of Morbihan. This town is bounded to the east by the Vincin river. It borders the cities of Vannes, Ploeren and Baden. Thus, it is part of the agglomeration of Vannes. Only about 30 minutes from my house!

There are many things to see here besides the sea, which in itself is a must as well as the many islands around here. However, monuments that are worth to remark in my blog are such like the Chapelle Notre Dame du Bourg.



The Chapelle ND du Bourg, at pl de l’église in city center, now exhibits contemporary art, sculptures, artists arts, concerts, photo expos, themes and history in an educational manner. It is the previous Church of St Pierre from the 15C, and until the 17C it carries weddings and baptismal ceremonies there. There is a sacristy from 1775 still there at the back. In 1783 it was done a Trinitarian triangle in the middle of angels, vases and curtains that is also still there. It became what it is today from 1889; however, it is still a sacred building!!!



It is a bit different to come into a town see a Chapel and once inside you see artwork display all over without any religious ornaments. That too is France today. The artwork was very nice indeed. Hope you enjoy it as we did.

The parish of Arradon on the Chapelle Notre Dame du Bourg

The city of Arradon on the Chapelle Notre Dame du Bourg cultural activities:

And now you got it, wonderful architecture, full of history and modern arts all blend in together in coastal Arradon, my lovely Morbihan!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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