La Gacilly and Yves Rocher!!!

I like to tell you a bit more on La Gacilly, in my beautiful Morbihan 56, in my lovely Bretagne, and in my belle France.  The town of La Gacilly is the home of the famous cosmetic firm Yves Rocher labs La Gacilly is 13 km from Redon, 49 km from Vannes, 51 km from Rennes and 75 km from Nantes. It is about an hour from my house.

I have several posts on La Gacilly and even more recently as re visit again last Sunday. This is an artists town with plenty of artisans of several lines. There one site to must visit here, Yves Rocher. This is the famous French natural cosmetic firm base and started here by Monsieur Yves Rocher! Its a must to come and visit; my dear late wife Martine favorite firm. We came for the memories of always!

Yves Rocher has an entire complex over the same bridge where there is a unique big store with all the line of products, the Vegetarium Cafe, atelier de cosmetique or cosmetics shop, a jardin botanique or botanical garden.

Does the Yves Rocher brand mean anything to you? Yes, the emblem with the petals, the beauty salons and products, the favorites of these ladies! Well, know that the genius of the plant world was born here, in Morbihan, in the heart of the town of La Gacilly; that was in 1930. Since then, the small family business has grown into large and flourishing and international activity. Its leitmotif: make plant-based cosmetics, healthy, natural and environmentally friendly products accessible to all women.


The town of La Gacilly was and remains the main source of inspiration and creation for Yves Rocher products. To touch the plant world and understand the origins of innovation, come to Maison Yves Rocher with its unique immersive museum. A show-trail allowing visitors to dive into the universe of the beauty brand. Also visit the Yves Rocher Botanical Garden. Over a thousand plant species coexist there, to the delight of gardeners, expert botanists and walkers. If the Yves Rocher spaces are a concentrate of plants, the entire village is an ode to naturThe flowery alleys lead you, from artist to craftsman, to discover a magical world where art and imagination intermingle between the fairy fingers of these original creators. Sculptures of glass, wood or wax, jewelry, clothing, painting or decoration, all the arts come alive and punctuate the local life. Plants have made La Gacilly famous, they will be the foundation of your well-being.

It is in the heart of the town of La Gacilly,that the Yves Rocher group has opened its branded Maison as well as its immersive museum Au Moulin Le Bout du Pont. Located on the banks of the Aff river, it is in this old stone mill of 460m2 restored that the history and the industrial process of this French specialist in cosmetics are redrawn. Present in 90 countries, Yves Rocher now represents 300 million products sold each year. It has 1,700 stores, including 512 in France, and employs more than 15,000 people. More info here: http://This is Yves Rocher main store site in French with the hq store info here



An immersive museum divided into five themes, the multi-sensory museum reveals to spectators the world of plants that inspired Yves Rocher, in 1959, when he began manufacturing his plant-based beauty products, in the attic of the family home. One room retraces the history of the founder, another takes visitors on a journey through visual, sound and olfactory animations, schematising the plant world, the following rooms lift the veil on the making of the brand’s cosmetic products: from the attic where he imagined its first cream, in the laboratory where the products are formulated. Or the group’s commitment to preserve biodiversity, through its Yves Rocher Foundation. The Maison or house of Yves Rocher on its annexes here:



 Created in 1975 by Yves Rocher, the Jardin Botanique or Botanical Garden covers 2 hectares. There are 1,500 species of plants classified according to their uses – medicinal, aromatic, edible – some of which are used in cosmetics and Yves Rocher perfumery. The garden also has a conservatory for endangered plants. You can visit the industrial site the Botanical garden, very nice indeed. More info here:



The tourist office of Broceliande on La Gacilly

Now you have a brief overview of the wonderful world of Yves Rocher and can see its stores all over France and beyond. Wonderful quant nice town, beautiful facades, great house shops and restos , and of course the great natural cosmetics of Yves Rocher, try it, they are good and natural. Hope it helps your travels and experience La Gacilly.

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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