Belz: Saint Cado it is!!!

And I continue along the coast of my lovely Morbihan and getting into the nice coastal villages and towns of it. Along the Gulf of Morbihan considered by many publications one of the most beautiful bays in the world , and I agree!

And we come to the small town of Belz and its wonderful village of Saint Cado. There is much to see here, will give you a couple posts ok; hope you enjoy as we do.


One of the nicest and most photogenic spot here is the oyster house or Nichtarguer. Well moored on its islet, a stone’s throw from the village of Saint Cado and the island of Saint-Cado, the house of Nichtarguer (“oyster house”) can be admired 360 degrees from the seawall bridge, from the bank, from a pontoon ;and above all it is to be skirted by sea kayak or paddle to admire it up close! (not me saw at a distance) Built in 1894, it is the home of the former keeper of the oyster farm. It cannot be visited but is so photogenic that it is difficult to leave Saint Cado without taking a picture of it.


Saint Cado was a monk from Wales in the 6C. He lived in Armorica (part of present day Brittany) between the 5C and the 7C. He came to find his compatriots driven out by the Saxon invasion and resided on the island of the Etel river which today bears his name. He built an oratory there, founded a monastery and devoted himself to the evangelisation of the countryside. He was also at the origin of the construction of the 100 meters causeway which connects the island to the land, which earned him a popular legend. The stone bridge!

The legend of the diabolical bridge has it that having been repeatedly demolished by the sea and discouraged Saint-Cado decides to appeal to the Devil for help. Desiring a bridge, but lacking the means to achieve it, he calls on the Devil to help him. This one proposed to him to build it himself. As a reward guide, the devil would have the first living being to cross this bridge. Saint Cado accepted and the Demon created the work overnight. The next morning, Saint Cado, more cunning, bought a cat, which passed over the bridge. Satan did not expect it. According to this legend the famous bridge finally saw the light of day. Blessed by the Saint and strong enough he resisted the vagaries of nature.



Once you have crossed the seawall, turn right around the island. You have seen the oyster beds throughout your walk. On your route, you will come across a 1832 Calvary and the 18C St Cado fountain (which as you can tell at high tides is filled with sea water!). All in a nice leisure walk amongst the sea all around you!


The tourist office of Brittany on Saint Cado

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Saint Cado

The city of Belz on Saint Cado,311.html

Enjoy it for the sea scenery, the tranquil surrounding , great for walks ,bikes and even the car can come right before the stone bridge to the island, in the island all is on foot but tiny. Beautiful spot in my gorgeous Morbihan. Again enjoy Saint Cado, as we did.

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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