Arzon: Port Navalo!!!

And voilà this is another peninsula in my lovely Morbihan of my gorgeous Bretagne in my belle France. I come here often and as often do not take pictures, sort of like a local habit nowdays I guess. This time wanted to put new pictures into my blog and new text of beautiful Port Navalo.

Let me tell you, this is a harbor area with the sea, beaches, boats of all sorts and great seafood restaurant to boot. WE love it!!! It is about an hour from my house. I have written before on Port Navalo as said we come here often even to ride tandem bikes!


The Port-Navalo is a former coastal fishing port dating from the early 20C , and it is now administerily part of the town of Arzon; in the Rhuys peninsula. This coastal resort offers a panorama of Quiberon and Locmariaquer as well as the interior of the Gulf. The harbor of Port Navalo and its traditional port. Formerly animated by fishing, it is today a holiday resort. The view dominates the currents of the narrow gully which marks the entrance to the gulf of Morbihan and its islands which close the horizon. Opposite, you can see the shores of Locmariaquer(see posts).


You can take a taxi boat between Port Navalo and Locmariaquer here:


port navalo

You take the expressway N165 from Vannes along the Nantes Brest axis,direction Nantes   and get off at exit or sortie Sarzeau, Rhuys on the road D780, all the way to the end. There is a bus service on line 24  Port-Navalo – Arzon – Sarzeau – Vannes from the gare de Vannes to the peninsula done by the bus network Kiceo, never taken.

The Grande Plage de Port-Navalo ; which is ,also, the best. AKA  Port Blanc plage:. Located on the tip of the Rhuys peninsula, this pleasant sandy beach is particularly popular with families. The services nearby are numerous: parking, first aid station, picnic tables, restaurants, beach clubs and playground. Little extra: The Breizh Sable Tour stops here every year for a week to introduce children to the art of sand sculpture free of charge.


The plages tv webpage on the beaches of Port Navalo



The phare de la pointe or lighthouse of the tip of Port Navalo ; since 1840, a lighthouse indicates the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan. The current lighthouse dates from 1891. Port-Navalo is an excellent refuge in bad weather from south Strait the port is connected by sea links to Belle-Ile, Houat and Hoëdic islands.


Like said this is an area to come to relax, see the sea, the enjoyment of anice big beach, all with quant restos and shops all around you, just lovely for a day or a weekend. In season ,”normal” you need to come early to avoid the traffic as there is only one road in and out of the peninsula the D780. Hope you enjoy as we did

Ahh and of course, if come here, need to eat, seafood par excellence, the real life of the Morbihan and Bretagne overall.  Port Navalo is no different, as we dig in for our mussels bouchet at La Grande Cale resto on 29 rue Général de Gaulle which is actually sitting between the big beach and the port walking distance leaisurely easy. A pleasure to tell you.



We had two bottles of brut Cidre Nicol local breton cider with moules bretonne (mussels in cider and cream) moules roquefort (mussels with roquefort cheese) and moules curry (mussels in curry sauce), all ended with cafe gourmand a nice portion of coffee and far breton a local pudding with ice cream and fresh fruits; all for less than 27 euros still a good deal for the sizes and the view! No webpage but listing in the Morbihan tourist office here:


Some additional webpages to help you plan your trip here and it is recommended.

The ports of Arzon : port Navalo :

The city of Arzon on  port Navalo boating info:

Tidal waves info on Port Navalo for boaters and swimmers:

The tourist office of the Gulf of Morbihan on Port Navalo

You have it all to enjoy a wonderful day or weekend in beautiful Port Navalo in Arzon, in the Rhuys peninsula of my gorgeous Morbihan. Hope you enjoy the post as I did.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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