Saint Malo and the sea!!!

And continue in magical Saint Malo, like there is no ending! I like to go into the sea, and the corsair city is tops. Just a bit of brag, my father was in the fishing cooperatives and we lived for a while by the sea on a house backyard was the Gulf of Mexico! ,while growing up as a child, the sea was our life. Time change indeed.

In Saint Malo, you are at sea even on land… everything here has a seafarers history and of course ,the corsairs privateers of the king! City is all the sea really.

Let me tell you a bit about the boats I saw and climb on one in Sea bound Saint Malo!

The 3-masted Etoile du Roy is a replica of a 1745 Corsair frigate (and a beauty). This 310-ton vessel was armed with 20 guns and accommodated 236 crew on board. The third largest traditional French ship, Etoile du Roy is today an extraordinary vessel capable of carrying 120 people at sea. It is also an extraordinary reception venue. On board, they organize cocktails, weddings, dinners, dance evenings, product launches, meetings, etc. Etoile du Roy is based in Saint-Malo and is the flagship of the Etoile Marine Cruises fleet.


With its majestic size, its 790 m2 of sails, its richly decorated transom, its Ottoman figurehead, the Etoile du Roy takes you directly to the 18C. You only need to cross the catwalk to travel through history. Today the ship is visited peacefully. Even if the 20 cannons are still in place! In this veritable floating museum, the spirit of the great royal races awaits you behind each mast, each trunk stowed in the hold. Up to 240 crew were busy on deck and in the shrouds. Want to go further ? Discover life aboard this boat, as in the days of the corsairs. Embark for Roscoff or Morlaix and spend a night in a hammock. In the morning, follow the dream by seeing the sun play in the sails. Magical indeed, recommended!


The official Etoile Marine on the Etoile du Roy

The tourist office of Saint Malo on the Etoile du Roy

Another dandy from the same fleet (but never try it, this is from their web)  is the Etoile Molène built in 1954 in Camaret-sur-Mer (see post). It worked alternately in tuna fishing and trawling in Ireland.  It has been part of the Etoile Marine Croisières fleet for nearly 25 years. The elegance of its sails makes it one of the most famous traditional boats in France.

The Etoile Molène demonstrates originality at all levels. First, there are its elegant and racy lines. Then her golden yellow sail which marks her rigging. And the speed that this very canvas boat can achieve. Its abilities even prompted Bob Escoffier to join this dundee in the Route du Rhum 1994! But you don’t have to be a seasoned navigator to get on board. All passengers can enjoy its power and the comfort of its deck saloon. A very nice terrace for an aperitif!  The boss, takes the opportunity to talk about the history of the sailboat. Thanks to him and the crew, conviviality reigns during maneuvers or at anchor. Cruises and outings take place under a good Star… Molène!


The official Etoile Marine Croisiéres on the Etoile Moléne

We had the great opportunity to see an old tuna factory boat before going to retirement! The Grande Hermine will be leaving for its last campaign. The factory vessel of Compagnie des pêches de Saint-Malo ( Saint-Malo Fisheries Company) will leave for a final campaign last  January 25, 2018. Afterwards, it will be replaced by a new, more modern boat. Then it will be his retirement. Built in a shipyard and named in 1985, the Saint-Malo vessel is the emblem of deep-sea fishing. Before the quotas ended in 1993, he took sailors on board to go fishing for cod in Newfoundland. When the bans closed, they recovered the quotas from Norway. However, it is still looking for a buyer…



Another interesting fishing vessel we saw was the Joseph Koty II. From the same group and an active fishing vessel still. Indeed, the surimi are from Joseph Roty II fishing. More on the group and the boats here:



In all , there will always be fish and seafood here, the sea is all Saint Malo. If you love the sea and fishing like me, than you are in heavens here , the real thing deep fishing in big vessel boats like my father used to do! Hope you enjoy as we did.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Lovely thanks for sharing i smile from heart with a glimpse of sea…thank you for sending smile
    Stay safe happy healthy and wealthy

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