Saint Malo and its beaches!

Ok so let me start by saying that this is north Bretagne in an area most folks do not know or realise the beaches are gorgeous and name so in many international publications. Of course, Summers are short and that is the big difference. Otherwise, as I said many times ,they can compete with any same time. And I grew in beaches and lived very near 150 meters as a young adult.

Oh yes let me tell you about the beaches of Saint Malo! There are about 16 beaches here but for us on the best and revisit this time is the Grand plage or plage du Sillon , 3 km long, extends from the old town intra muros to the pointe de Rochebonne.

Let me split them in two sections shall we! The beaches of Saint-Malo Intra-Muros.

The plage de l’Eventail beach is located below the walls of Saint-Malo. On the Plage de l’Eventail is the Fort National, which can be visited at low tide. But it’s at high tide that it’s most impressive. In 6 hours, the beach completely disappears and gives way to an immensity of water, still just as magical.


The plage de Bon Secours beach is particularly accessible by the ramparts that border intra muros. Bon Secours can be recognized by its seawater swimming pool. And yes, when the sea recedes, there is this swimming pool which appears by retaining part of the tide. This is good for lazy people who don’t want to walk too far to go for a swim. And teens love to do somersaults from the diving board! For walkers, it is also by Bon Secours that one can access the Grand Bé where the Tomb of Chateaubriand is located. And in addition, there is a great view of Dinard. In summer, during the La Route du Rock festival, there are often events: it sets the mood!


The Plage du Môle is the smallest beach of Saint-Malo Intra-Muros . The last beach of Saint-Malo Intra-Muros is accessible only through a small door. And honestly, to find it, you either have to know that the entrance to the beach is there or stumble upon it by chance. Môle beach is completely enclosed. It is not very tall but the weather is generally very good because it is well protected. At low tide, there is a sandbank that appears and you can therefore go very far out to sea with water only up to your knees. If the day is windy, this is definitely the beach you should go for. It is the most protected of the 3 beaches of Intra-Muros.


The beaches of Saint-Malo (outside the city walls or intra muros).

The largest beach in Saint-Malo is the Plage du Sillon beach begins along Intra-Muros, where it bears the name Plage de l’Eventail. It is about 3 km long. This beach also links Intra-Muros and Paramé, two districts of Saint-Malo. During high tides, the Sillon beach, also sometimes called the Grande Plage, disappears entirely under the water and it is quite impressive to see!


The end of the beach that touches the ramparts is called the L’Eventail, but if you walk along this long stretch of sand, it becomes the Sillon, the Hoguette or the Minihic. But the real feature of this beach is the rows of breakwaters that are found there. These long wooden sticks are driven into the sand along the dike to break the waves during high tides. These piles have been around since the 19C and do their job pretty well! You can walk or cycle there, see what you prefer!


The other two are last choices but worth mentioning here for general think.

The Plage de la Hoguette is a continuation of the Plage du Sillon. This section of beach is located right in front of the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, the thalassotherapy center. There is also a nautical base and a sand yachting school. When the weather is windy, there are also a lot of kite surfers facing the waves.

The plage de Rochebonne beach is the one that ends the Grande Plage which began at the L’Eventail. It is located in the Paramé district. It is particularly popular with athletes because beach volleyball or beach soccer games are very often organized there. If you want the most unobstructed view of the entire sea wall, Rochebonne beach is the place to be.

Most of the above information comes not only by our visits but also from resident friends of Saint Malo. Hope you enjoy the Summers in Saint Malo!

The tourist office of Saint Malo on its beaches:

My favorite beach webpage plages tv on the beaches of Saint Malo

And there you go folks a wonderful time on the beach at Saint Malo, dept 35 of Ille et Vilaine, in my lovely Bretagne, and in my belle France. Enjoy the water!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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