Honfleur: vieux bassin and its lieutenance!!

And of course, I am still in Norman lands and in gorgeous Honfleur, dept 14 of Calvados in Normandie and in my belle France! I like to come to a familiar spot which is love by the millions who have passed by here. The Vieux Bassin or old basin port of Honfleur and the Lieutenance. Both of these written before of course, just a bit more of the text with new photos, hope you enjoy it as we did.

The Vieux Bassin or old basin is a port located in the center of the town of Honfleur. Its narrow slate houses are reflected in the basin, making it the main tourist attraction of the town. This floating basin was created at the instigation of Abraham Duquesne and by order of Colbert in 1681. It replaces the old beaching harbor which was much narrower and called havre du dedans or harbor of the interior, given its location inside the battlements. These expansion and deepening works require the destruction of the western part of the ramparts. The work ended in 1684. This basin with an area of about one hectare (10,000 m2) has a length of 130 meters for a width of 70 meters on the south side and 85 meters on the north side where the channel is located. the outer port of Honfleur. It is entirely surrounded by docks accessible to the public.


The rich stone mansions on Quai Saint-Étienne, with two floors and sloping ceilings, contrast with those on Quai Sainte-Catherine, whose narrow and tall houses, up to 7 floors, slender their wooden facades protected with slate (l ‘essentage). The Lieutenance, which dominates the lift bridge, completes this unique ensemble.


Honfleur is today a place of fascination for tourists and artists who discover it. For the locals, the port district is above all a 1000-year-old space, the start of a great history. The vieux basin of Honfleur is undoubtedly the most charming place in the city!

Along the wharf or Quai Sainte Catherine you see wooden houses from the 17C and 18C.  The south side extends the quai Sainte Catherine to the rue Montpensier on an underground stream of La Claire that feeds the basin. The western part is built around some more houses that are part of the Quai Saint-Étienne. One of these houses is the Hôtel de Ville or mayor’s office and the former church of Saint Etienne (St Stephens now the marine museum). On the north side or sea side you have the Quai de la Quarantaine , and the only building is the Lieutenance that was the home of the lieutenant governor of the King.  There is a movable bridge on the channel towards the front of harbor that makes the tour of the basin final.


A bit ahead of schedule webpage from the City of Honfleur on the Vieux Basin: The city of Honfleur on the Vieux Bassin

The tourist office of Honfleur on the vieux bassinTourist office of Honfleur on the Vieux Basin

Oh yes the Lieutenance of course. The old basin cannot be told without it! By the way the clock bell sound every half an hour, nice!

In 1662, the Lieutenance is one of the two gates of Honfleur. Called the Porte de Caen, it will be one of the only accesses from 1682 after the destruction of the Porte de Rouen in 1682. From 1684, the building officially took the name Lieutenance after the creation of the King’s lieutenant’s apartments. of the old basin, the lieutenancy is the last bastion of the medieval Honfleur, last vestige of the ramparts, dismantled at the end of the 17C by order of Colbert. The Lieutenancy (Eng), as we see it nowadays, is the result of many renovations over the centuries. The most westerly part of the gate was redone, the present façade dating from the 16C.



The City of Honfleur on the LieutenanceCity of Honfleur on the Lieutenance

The tourist office of Honfleur on the LieutenanceTourist office of Honfleur on the Lieutenance

And there you folks, the entry presentation to the city of Honfleur. The world moves by here and you are welcome ::) By now it has become harder for us to post on it or put up photos as well it does not matter, Honfleur is special! Hope you have enjoy the ride so far, hang tight there is more.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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