Honfleur: Mont Joli!!

And again at Honfleur, I could not stop writing about it. However, just a bit more ok, thanks! Glad you are reading… Honfleur is special.

And nothing beats the simple climb by car, foot or bike to Mont Joli or the beautiful hill of Honfleur!! We saw it as coming to see the chapel (next post) but found it and now each time in the city we climb up to it. Yes we have done on foof about 1,5 km from city center Honfleur on a very steep street! However, lately we come by car on the D62 road.

Honfleur mont joli

You must come at least once for its splendid views.


Mont-Joli, is also located in the town of Equemauville which is about 1.5 km from the center of Honfleur, but owned by the city of Honfleur since the early 19C. Afterwards, you can continue your journey on the right, passing in front of the house where king Louis Philippe slept during his exile to England with his wife Marie-Amélie.


The Mont-Joli dominates the city and offers a very beautiful panorama on the valley of the Seine and the Pont de Normandie (see post) which connects Honfleur to Le Havre. In Equemauville, Mont Joli is a magnificent point of view that deserves a little detour. It offers a breathtaking view of the whole city, below, with its houses typical of Norman architecture, as well as the remarkable Tancarville Bridge, built in the mid-1950s. From the point of view, a nice little path descends towards Honfleur and one can thus regain the city on foot via a very pleasant walk.

Honfleur mont joli

More on Mont Joli from the tourist office of Honfleur here: Tourist office of Honfleur on Mont Joli

You will do good to climb, all worth it, and then by car even better me think.  At Mont Joli ,you can stop to see the Norman houses here too including the one of the king above. All magical, I think my next visit will be a gîte near here! Hope you enjoy it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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