Honfleur: Jardin Retrouvé!

And we continue in magical Honfleur, Calvados dept 14 of pretty Normandie in my belle France! There is so much to see here, again No 2 most visited site in all of Normandy behind MSM (which if Bretagne has its way is not here ::) ). So I can say is the most visited site in all of Normandie!

My humble writing skills don’t allow me to say more, but believe me it is magical, when you combine the boats, the basins, the port, the hills, the architecture and history not to leave out the food and calvados /ciders you name it, it has it all! Honfleur is special.

Now that I am talking about gardens and land, le me tell you a bit of the history on the name of Honfleur. The name is a deformation of a Norse word (old Scandinavian) which designates a cove, a harbor, at the time of the Viking invasions. Honnefleu, the port of Honna; the flowers will come there later! Close to the forest of Saint-Gatien and the Bois du Breuil, Honfleur is surrounded by two typical Augeron hills: the Côte Vassale and the Côte de Grâce (see post)..So yes this is Normandy or the land of the Normans. Well into jolly England too.

One thing that took us here many years ago maybe 15 was the event held at the Jardin Public (aka Jardin Retrouvé). The Passionnément Jardin fair in April. Organized in partnership with the City of Honfleur, the event brings together more than 70 professionals from the garden world: Nurserymen, horticulturalists, landscapers, artisans, decoration and furniture professionals, but also artists and associations. They do show on how to treat and grow the plants/flowers and you can buy them too. My dear late wife Martine love it, I needed to stop here.Memories of Honfleur a special city for us.


Within this public garden you can discover the Jardin des Personnalités, inaugurated in 2004 . Installed on a former mudflat in the estuary, this 10-hectare landscaped area offers a walk to discover garden boats in the center of which stand the busts of personalities in Honfleur’s historical and cultural heritage.


You come to the main area along the pier and boulevard Charles V, you will discover the Jardin Public or public garden, created in 1996. This park is also called the Jardin Retrouvé or rediscovered garden” for its romantic setting and its English-style organization. Nature is recreated there with flower beds, groves, ponds, waterfalls, etc.; but reinterpreted and mastered by man. An ideal setting for enjoying a pleasant moment of relaxation, especially with children who have at their disposal a very well-equipped playground.



There are kiosks for snacks here and a BNP ATM machine as well as rest rooms. All within walking distance of the Lieutenance and the Vieux Bassin. Magical Honfleur.


The city of Honfleur on the Jardin RetrouvéCity of Honfleur on the jardin retrouvé

The tourist office of Honfleur on the Jardin Public: Tourist office of Honfleur on the Jardin Public

And there you go folks a pleasant walk in a beautiful garden overlooking the canal out to sea in Honfleur. A nice way to spend some quality time with the family as we do. Hope you enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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