Honfleur: Pont de Normandie by boat!

And we arrive at the big bridge! We have crossed it above and below several times and have post in my blog on the pont de Normandie or Normandy bridge. However, this time saw under with a new boat ride so new text and photos on this wonderful engineering feat and architecturally stunning.

Of course, this starts in Honfleur and ends up at Le Havre, that was the idea.

The pont de Normandie was opened on January 20 1995 , and put in service January 26th. Needless to say is a real engineering marvel and just gorgeous to look at while going underneath it. the pont de Normandie is 2141,25 meters long, pylons high of  214 meters, 23,60 meters wide, 7 years of construction and  10 millions work hours!



Having tried all the others ,this time try a new boat ride from the Les Vedette Cauchois onboard the boat La Lieutenance, bigger and stronger. The whole process from purchasing the tickets at 12€ per person , waiting to be onboard and the ride was excellent with very nice folks.


You embark on a sea trip of 1h30 from the port of Honfleur aboard the boat La Lieutenance, with capacity for 196 passengers; I say we were about half . You discover the Seine estuary with passage through the lock-chamber, the radar, the commercial port and the quays in the Seine. The passage under the majestic Pont de Normandie and view of the Tancarville bridge. Also, view of Le Havre and Port 2000, the nature reserve, Butin beach, Vasouy, Pennedepie and the heights of the côte de Grace of Honfleur. Nice experience I say.


You have the official webpage for the Les Vedette CauchoisPromenade en Mer of Les Vedette Cauchois

The tourist office of Honfleur on les Vedette CauchoisTourist office of Honfleur on the les vedette Cauchois

This is something that we had done many years ago, and now its a pilgrimage every year to take the boat to see as my Mom and Wife ashes were spread in the Atlantic Ocean with the SNSM or Sauveteurs en mer or lifesavers at sea a volunteer group of marines and fisherman which I support. Their boat is the Notre Dame du Port below.


And there you go ,I hope you can take a lighter trip on one of these boat out to sea while in Honfleur, it is recommended by yours truly. Hope you enjoy the sea ride.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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