Honfleur: Plage de Butin!

And here I go again with Honfleur, oh yes like I said, I can use a blog just for it alone. A small town by the coast of Normandy but pack heavy of things to do here.

I have touch briefly on the beach of Butin but let me tell you a bit more ok.


Surprise! I have been on it, and walked passed it many times but never actually been in the water here nor stop long enough to tell. Only for information, it is a very popular beach and on the day we passed by it was full! cars parked all along the road book solid all the way to Trouville sur Mer!

Therefore, if coming for the beach or Plage de Butin, be prepare to come very early and leave very late. Just saying. Enjoy the pictures from afar by boat this time.


The plage de Butin is located at the entrance to Honfleur from the coast road D513 coming from Trouville sur Mer. Butin beach has all the equipment to welcome you comfortably and safely during the summer season: free parking nearby, showers, cabins, equipment rental , and a play area for children. From April to October, the beach also hosts a catering hut and inflatable play areas.


More information on my fav Plages tv webpage in English: Plages Tv on butin beach in Honfleur

City of Honfleur and its beach Butin: City of Honfleur on Butin beach

The tourist office of Honfleur on Butin beach: Tourist office of Honfleur on Butin beach

And there you go short and sassy as the saying goes. Just another alternative coming to Honfleur with small children; should be fun. Hope you enjoy the post on the Plage de Butin of Honfleur!

And remember, happy travels, good healh, and many cheers to all!!!

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