Honfleur: Cruising away!!!

And moving right alone my special Honfleur ,in the Calvados dept 14 of the region of Normandie and in my belle France. Let me tell you something not done here even if walked by it many times; cruises!

Honfleur been a port of call of course it has cruises available and huge boats do park here. It is funny because their anchor is right across the bus terminal mentioned earlier! and plenty of parking in front too.


The tourist office has cruises information in French here: Tourist office of Honfleur on cruises

There is an important cruises info webpage with trips passing by Honfleur here: Croisierenet on Honfleur cruises

And one webpage that I have used for years when my time on cruises was more important especially the singles ones in the Caribbean sea!

Unlike many of its neighbors in Normandy, Honfleur was spared during the bombing of World War II. The old harbor, set in a sheltered cove off of the Seine’s tidal estuary, is Honfleur’s center stage, as it has been for centuries. There, you’ll find fishermen, artists, tourists and locals alike soaking in much the same scenery (often from a cafe) that attracted celebrated painters like Delacroix, Sisley, Corot and Monet. From the harbor, where Samuel de Champlain departed in 1608 to found the city of Quebec in the New World, the lushly planted village rises upward between two hills. Nestled in its tidy, picturesque streets are art galleries, artists’ studios, boutiques, restaurants and fine souvenir shops. History has left its footprint, too, with the largest wooden church in France, salt warehouses that date back to the 17th century, and the Lieutenance, the last remaining part of a 16th century castle that fortified the town.

Honfleur croisiEurope cruises aug20

Honfleur, population 9,000, is the start or end of itineraries on river cruises between Paris and Normandy. Travelers are bussed between Paris and their riverboats, negating the need for a hotel in Honfleur. Ships tend to dock for as many as three nights because Honfleur is the departure point for ship-run shore excursions to such landmarks as the D-Day landing beaches, the American Cemetery and the museum that houses the famous Bayeux tapestry.


The above copy from Cruise critics webpage in English here: Cruisecritics on cruises at Honfleur

And there you go folks, if cruising is for you, Honfleur got you! Plenty of things to do and for the 2 ,3 days cruises you can combine with a nice visit to the city, all worth it I recommended. Hope it helps

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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