Honfleur: We got to eat!!!

And continuing with my saga of Honfleur, a special town for us , never tired of seeing or writing about it. It is magical ,and we love it dearly. In all the monuments and things to do , you need to eat.

Honfleur is a paradise for the foodie of fresch French food, and of course from the sea is awesome! I know been raised by the sea and now living close , it is the harbor towns like Honfleur that makes life easier.

I like to show you 3 restaurants of Honfleur on this post; one is a classic we come for the memories and the two regulars. My boys have a nostalgia for the American West so we have to come to Oncle Scott, a French version of foodie Jack Daniels lol!

The Oncle Scott’s restaurant  (see post) is at 208 cours Jean de Vienne upon entering Honfleur and has been a sentimental favorite since 2018 as we came here for a painful event in my life already many times told in my blog. We got reservations for Dinner on Friday and Lunch on Sunday. This is a delicious compromise between French and American cuisine. From the mezzanine, the view of American visuals, the old gas pump and the Harley-Davidson immerse you in the atmosphere. Cradled by country music and served by friendly, helpful staff. Country dance evenings and various concerts are organized twice a month on Fridays! Great ambiance indeed.


We had our usual chunk of sargeant pepper steaks, fish and chips and down with good Brooklyn Lager beer of NYC! We ,also had a bottle of Pink Flamingo sable de Camargue rosé wine delicious. All down with coupe d’America ice cream and coco island and dame blanche. This is real country with a touch of Tennessee. Very friendly with dogs our Rex got a thrill of fries and mini burgers and water all free!!! We appreciated and will be back oh well we have one near us in Lanester 56.

The Oncle Scott’s in Honfleur is here: Oncle Scott’s Honfleur


honfleur oncle scott sable de camargue rose 2018 wine aug20

The Le Vintage Café at 8 Quai des Passagers in Honfleur. This is one spot we always look for to have a drink beer, cocktails like sex on the beach, mojitos or wines ;Tapas are served with the drinks. They have live concerts every Fridays and Saturdays, which we enjoy the Joe Cocker replays by the local band!.


Mind you the best is on the outside tables which we look to get quickly as they are not many. Second choice inside but sometimes we skip if outside is not available. It has great views over the basins of water and the port as well as next door to the wonderful Lieutenance house.(see post). We had our pints of Grimbergen Belgian beers and me glasses of white Touraine Sauvignon and Rosé from Provence.

Their Facebook page is here: Facebook page of the Le Vintage Café of Honfleur



The other repeat as we do a lot here is the Au Relais des Cyclistes at 10 place de la Porte de Rouen here since 1992. The couple owners here by systematically favoring traceability procedures, offering products from small producers who love what they do and who bring care and passion to what they do, you will find a true taste on the plate. A brasserie that remains down to earth , friendly and unfussy. It is the nice table to sit, close to the tourist office. It is a smiling tandem, recommended by all-Honfleur. The brasserie can be spotted by its orange awning. Observe the painted traces of the original sign on the pediment of the house. Au Relais des Cyclistes is still today the daily meeting place for a lunch with friends or a good-natured business meal. Tradition has it that in the 1940s, peasants who came down to town to shop left their bicycles at the local café; and therefore the stage post of cyclists is it today.




We love it with steak grillé, mussels in cream, chorizo pizzas, down with Paulaner German beers and the new Belgium Paix Dieu in addition of scoop of ice cream mine with coconut and caramel! all down for less than 29€ per person! nice. Its a repeat visit and we will be back, very friendly service with water bowl for our dog Rex!


Their official webpage is here: Au Relais des Cyclistes Honfleur

And there you go folks, you can eat and drink well here overlooking the boat basins and the harbor of beautiful postcard perfect Honfleur. Hope you enjoy reading it as we did eating and drinking here in my special Honfleur.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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