The Church Sainte Catherine of Honfleur , part I !!!

And coming right at you from my beloved Honfleur in the Calvados dept 14 of Normandie and in my belle France! A place that is a must to visit and do see a service going on or come in the mariners festival time or when the Saturday market is on as we do, just awesome.

I have several posts on the Church of Sainte Catherine of Honfleur in my blog. However, one more is worth it me think. And of course, new pictures. Hope you enjoy it as we do.



Coming to see once again the Church of Sainte Catherine by the old basin or port of Honfleur is always gratifying. It offers a unique architectural experience and loving history of the locals, hard earned traditions and just a positive feeling all around it.  just behind the Quai Sainte-Catherine, along the rue des Logettes in the neighborhood of the Faubourg Saint Catherine, bordered by the sea, was the sailors ‘ area.


The Sainte-Catherine Church has the particularity, very rare in France, to be built essentially of wood. The Church is located near the old basin (Vieux Bassin) , just behind the Quai Sainte-Catherine. It is the largest Church built in wood with a bell-tower separated from it in France.


The result is breathtaking. Not to be missed. The Church is dedicated to Sainte Catherine of Alexandria as recalled by a wooden sculpture above the porch of the bell-tower separated from the two naves. She is depicted wearing a wheel and a sword. The bell tower sits apart and host a sacre arts museum of objects found in the church of old.


Honfleur ch ste catherine front ent aug20

The city of Honfleur on the Sainte Catherine ChurchCity of Honfleur on Sainte Catherine Church

The tourist office of Honfleur on Sainte Catherine Church: Tourist office of Honfleur on the Sainte Catherine Church

And I leave you here, as said, plenty of posts on the Church of Sainte Catherine in my blog. However, coming to Honfleur could not resist stopping by again. This is a jewel of France and a must to visit. Hope you enjoy the posts.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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