Moustoir AC: Church of Sainte Barbe!

So here I am on my road warrior days in the Morbihan. My dept 56 doing all kinds of trips all over wearing mask of course but all out. The views on the roads are wonderful and all is very close to home. So let me bring out these beauties in more details and with new pictures. Hope you enjoy my routing on these wonderful monuments of my Bretagne!

I like to tell you more on the Church of Sainte Barbe in Moustoir Ac. Now before I do , let me tell that this was in a dairy farm where I got my lovable borador dog (mix border collier and labrador) Rex!!!!love him dearly!

moustoir ac

The town of Moustoir-Ac is located on the granite heights of the Landes de Lanvaux. It has existed since 1387 when it separated from the former primitive parish of Plumelin. During the Chouannerie (rebels against the French revolution), it became a den for the Chouans who will distinguish themselves thanks to the black shepherd dogs used for intelligence operations.

Around the 11C, a pioneer founded a chapel on the territory of Plumelin which would become that of Moustoir-Ac. Then, a few people came and settle near this monastery. It will soon be known as the Moustoir-Radenac,at the Fern Monastery. In 1387, Moustoir-Ac separated from the former primitive parish of Plumelin. When Locminé was established as a parish, it carved out a territory for itself at the expense of Plumelin only to see itself subsequently amputated by the creation of Moustoir-Ac, whose name shows that it is later as in AC. In the 15C, Moustoir-Radenac, after having long been an independent parish, was united with Locminé and remained so until the French revolution. From 1792 to 1800, during the Chouannerie, the territory of Moustoir-Ac lent itself well to this ambush war, this led many Monasteries to become Chouans. In 1795, the local Chouans retired to Kerninen, a locality in Moustoir-Ac. In 1796, the fighting resumed and in 1797, the fighting stopped for a time. Meanwhile, the local Chouans will train black sheepdogs for intelligence operations. These dogs will bring them such help that the chouans of Moustoir Radenac will be nicknamed “the black dogs of Moustoir” or more commonly the chas or chaj in Breton. This nickname still sticks to the liking of the local people.

On June 28, 1944, at 4h (4 am), around 1,000 soldiers and 47 Nazis armored vehicles, guns and howitzers began to surround the forest. The Nazis fail to close the circle. Some resistance fighters, warned by neighbors, spin through Villeneuve, a locality of Moustoir-Ac. Others stay at the Minio where the battle was taking place, two hours later, the last resistance, an FM gunner, withdraws. Léon Allain, 24, was arrested at the Minio and then deported to Germany where he died in the Neuengamme concentration camp. On September 9, 1960, Charles de Gaulle himself came to pay a solemn tribute to the local martyrs of WWII.

The Church of Sainte-Barbe (Santa Barbara) located in the village will be built in the first half of the 16C. The baptismal chapel dates from the 18C. The altarpiece for the main altar was erected in 1730. The bell tower was erected from 1774 to 1777. The two-story sacristy was built in 1838 as an extension of the choir. The tribune was built in 1852. A 626 kg bell was installed and blessed in 1853. The southern porch dates from 1873. The stained glass windows were installed in 1887. The central niche of the altarpiece has housed a large crucifix since 1904. The slate steeple was renovated in 1926. The main altar was consecrated on March 1, 1964.

Moustoir ac

The Church of Sainte Barbe has a Latin cross with a flat apse and a nave without aisles preceded by a bell tower extended by a five-sided sacristy. The tower of the square porch belfry, of neoclassical style and flanked by a staircase turret, rises on four floors delimited by horizontal bands The southern porch, whose sand pits are decorated with masks and fantastic animals, has an arched arch, a holy water font engaged in the masonry, two small twin bays and a wall bench. The door is a basket handle, molded and topped with a curly leaf accolade. The third-point windows have a fleur-de-lis tracery. A cross crowns the spire of the gilded granite bell tower. The 16C crawlers are decorated with vegetable and animal crooks. The roof has a slate steeple. The nave has granite siding and a cradle of paneling. The stained-glass windows are gray from the Fournier workshops in Tours. The sandbox of the choir bears the signature of the Thébault, a family of carpenters from Moustoir-Ac, who made wood for many local chapels The 18C baptismal chapel is closed by a door with wooden skeleton. Its fountain is in black marble. The polychrome altarpiece of the main altar is in white stone. It is composed of a large semicircular arch sheltering a Christ on the Cross flanked by two wings formed of columns framing a statue on a pedestal and supporting an entablature. It is mutilated from its upper floor where the Holy Trinity was enthroned. The main altar, decorated with the Mystic Lamb, is none other than the base of the old mission cross. The statues of the Virgin and of Saint John once framed this cross.

moustoir ac

The Church of Saint Barbe has inside a statue of Saint John the Baptist and the Holy Trinity which frame the niche of the large crucifix. That of Saint John the Baptist, dating from the 16-17C, is in polychrome wood in the right niche of the altarpiece of the choir, standing out against a feigned drapery and a small canopy, and framed by columns. The statue is placed on a small black plinth, itself placed on a high stone pedestal. Saint John the Baptist, dressed in an animal skin, leans on a stick. He is accompanied by the lamb . A statue of Saint Barbara, the patron saint of the parish, is also present.

moustoir ac ch Sainte-Barbe left side aug20

The city of Moustoir Ac on heritage: City of Moustoir Ac on heritage

The local tourist office of Central Morbihan on Moustoir Ac Church of Sainte BarbeTourist office Central Morbihan on Moustoir Ac Church

I like to add here a couple of pictures taken as the ones above. One is interesting because it was the former chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes and now it is incorporated into the Library or Mediathéque of Moustoir Ac. The other is a small calvary on the wall of the church that is very nice me think ,so could not leave it out.

Moustoir ac

moustoir ac

And there you go folks, another roundabout of beauties in my neck of the woods. Always something to see in my lovely Bretagne, just need more time!!! Stay tune there is more, oh yes my Morbihan! Hope you enjoy the post and the series.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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