Plescop: Church of Saint Pierre aux Liens!

And continue my tour of traditional Bretagne in my belle France. I am on my road warrior trips in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56. I have written bits and pieces but feels deserves more so here is my new update and photos on the Church of Saint Pierre aux Liens in Plescop.

Plescop is surrounded by the towns of Grand-Champ, Meucon, Saint-Avé, Vannes, Ploeren, Pluneret and Plumergat. It is only 6 km from Vannes. The bus service is provided by Kicéo same as the network of Vannes and here served by bus line 8, St-Nolff / Plescop. My boys have taken the bus line 8 quite nice me always by car and again Plescop is a passing town very close to Vannes we do have eaten here at Les Trois Soleils (see post).

A bit of history I like

The bishop of Vannes had a residence there in the site Kérango. The bishops of the diocese of Vannes usually came to stay there in the summer. The Church of Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens parish church is located in the city/town center of Plescop. The oldest parts of this church such as the apse and south wall of the nave date back to the 16C. The rest of the church seems to date from the 18C, with the exception of the sacristy, built in the 19C.

Plescop Ch of Saint Pierre aux Liens entrance side aug20

In general is a 15-16C church which has been altered many times and without architectural character. There is a small stone holy water font dating from 1629. The three altarpieces, in stone and wood, date from the end of the 17C. The altarpiece of the high altar is decorated with a painting representing the Coronation of the Virgin: on either side of the altarpiece are the statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and the whole is surmounted by a Virgin with the Child. The northern altarpiece is surmounted by a Virgin, and the southern altarpiece is surmounted by a woman showing the sky to her son. The Virgin of Pity, in polychrome stone and leaning against the wall of the southern chapel, dates from the 16C. The painting entitled “Vision of Saint Francis of Assisi”, work by Vincent Lhermitais, dates from 1768. Another canvas, located in the north transept, represents the “Descent from the Cross and the Assumption of the Virgin”.


The Church of Saint Pierre aux Liens parish church is dedicated to Saint Pierre-ès-Liens which marks its day on August 1,and has the shape of a Latin cross. The windows are pointed. In the choir were buried the entrails of Mgr Fagon and Mgr de Bertin. The side altars are dedicated to the Rosary, to Saint Francis of Assisi and to Saint Anne. To the left of the south door, on the outside, is a small stoup with cut sides, embedded in the wall and dated 1629.


Inside, the church has four 17C stone and marble altarpieces. Its bell tower is made up of a slate spire, tall and slender, accompanied at its birth by four small arrows. Inside the very high-pitched cone, hide the three bells. The bells called to arms, announced the curfew, rang the tocsin, recited the Angelus. Their names are: Anna-Joachim, Maria-Joseph, and Petronilla. The entrance is through the south door and in the porch is a stoup with cutaway, decorated with a rose window and two twists. This font, which bears the date 1629, was once outside and was embedded in the wall.

The city of Plescop on heritage: City of Plescop on heritage

The city of Plescop on tourism information: City of Plescop on tourism information

And there you go folks, now i feel better to fully showcase this agglomation town of Vannes county which is full of history and pleasant city center enough for a rest stop and see the church monument of Saint Pierre aux Liens in Plescop.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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