Nostang:Chapelle Notre-Dame de Légevin!

And I will be around the beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France for the next posts. I have look deep into my blog ,and found many posts needed a refresher and just went out to get new pictures! My road warrior template got me going and having a blast with the boys on each town. The Morbihan rocks!

I have , also, refresh the text done in previous posts with new information so therefore, a new post. Hope you enjoy my tour of Nostang and the Chappelle Notre Dame de Légevin!


The Notre-Dame de Légevin Chapel was built in 1570. According to popular tradition, she is considered “the mother of Notre-Dame de Quelven”. You go to the Chapel of Légevin during the Pardon of August 15 to ask for a cure of the fever. The Légevin chapel was built by the Dukes of Brittany for pilgrimages!

nostang chapelle ND de legevin front aug20

Notre-Dame de Quelven was a pilgrimage center in the 15-16C long before Sainte-Anne d’Auray (17C)(see post). In Nostang, there are two chapels dedicated to Notre Dame or Our Lady of a distance of barely 2 km between them, an unusual geographical configuration. The terroir of Nostang at Laustang came directly under the Dukes of Brittany and not the Rohans. Therefore, Locmaria was intended for Notre-Dame and Légevin was a pilgrimage chapel and its name would be derived from Les-Quelven.


The Chapel Notre Dame de Légevin was built in the 16C but it underwent important transformations in the 18C. The bell tower collapsed in 1575, probably due to a strong storm. The repair of the bell tower took place in 1702; followed by the installation of the vault and the tribune in 1708 and of the bell tower in 1728. The porch is Gothic. The style of the Chapel of Légevin is situated between the flamboyant Gothic and the Renaissance. The originality and charm of the chapel derives from its steeple sitting on a cantilever with a triple arcade ; and from its polygonal turret which accompanies the steeple to its second floor.(3rd US).

nostang chapelle ND legevin back aug20

A major religious celebration is the Pardon Mass celebrated outdoors at 10h30 each August 15, and will bring together the parish towns of Nostang, Sainte-Hélène, Merlevenez and Kervignac. It will be followed by an aperitif and a sale of cakes for the benefit of the Chapel Notre Dame de Légevin, organized by the Committee for the Protection of the Chapel of Légevin in the village of Légevin, town of Nostang.

Yes, the chapel is not in the town of Nostang but belongs to it administravely. You need to get off the N165 expressway from Vannes , direction Lorient , and get off at exit or sortie 37 direction Nostang. Continue on the D33 road to the next village Mané Crapping, you see a Bio farm panel this is Légevin make a left turn into the narrow road until the end, the chapel is on your left can’t missed it. Hope it helps.

The association of friends of the Chapelle Notre Dame de Légevin has more in French: Chapelle Notre Dame de Légevin in Nostang

This is one of those town, you passed every day by it but hardly ever stop. Well have done that for the benefit of my blog and my readers. Nostang is not a tourist town but a stop is worth it if no the pardon day Aug 15 it would be fine. It is historical for sure locally and has nice architecture which I like. Hope it helps.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Again I am intrigued by what appears to be a machicolation above the front door. It even seems to have been added to the initial construction, perhaps in a time of troubles.

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