Val d’Oust: Le Manoir de la Touche-Carné!

The Manoir de la Touche-Carné is located at 2 Rue du Manoir in what is today call the town of Val-d’Oust (formerly Le Roc Saint André, see older posts under this name). We went by because one of my sons worked in town not far from it and we passed by. Very interesting history of our region and wonderful architecture we like.

I like to tell you now a bit more on it as not written before on this wonderful architectural and historial farm house.

The Manoir de la Touche-Carné has all the buildings constituting the manor distributed around a courtyard. As you enter, the main house, built before 1450 for the Carné family, has a square plan with a polygonal staircase tower in the corner, on the front facade; it had one wing amputated in return; another wing comprising pantry and upstairs bedroom is contiguous. A second main building, attached on the left, is an addition from the end of the 15C or the beginning of the 16C. The courtyard is closed by a 15C smallholding and a 19C stable.

Val d'oust

Former stronghold of the family of knights of the same name, the Manoir de la Touche-Carné is at the origin of an important village which counts many old houses and gathered, in the 19C, half of the village population. The main house is today amputated of a wing in return of square on the right: the door of the staircase tower commanded the entry. On the ground floor, the two bays illuminate a single and very large room which was used, among other things, for the exercise of the administrative and judicial functions of the lord, head of this chatelaine. Upstairs, the windows separated by very large piers illuminate two areas reserved for private life and each equipped with a fireplace. The room under frame and the skylights that lit it disappeared during a repair of the frame in the 17C. However, access to the attic via the main staircase and the presence of a fireplace in this attic suggest the presence of a room under a frame. The dating is confirmed by the absence of any decoration on the facade of the house, a phenomenon characteristic of the first half of the 15C.

Val d'oust old le roc st andre the manoir de la touche carné entrance may14

The building to the south of the courtyard, from the 15C, served as a farm sharing the same courtyard as the house, it was undoubtedly the main farm of the domain; its frame and roof were redone in 2004. Those of the agricultural parts, from the end of the 15C and the 19C, north of the courtyard, were redone in 2006. The ensemble of Touche-Carné still strongly evokes the lordship way of life around the 1400s.

Val d'oust

The tourist office of the Broceliande region on the Manoir de la Touche-Carné in Val d’Oust, my lovely Morbihan breton.  Tourist office of Broceliande on Val d’Oust Manoir de la Touche-Carné

Hope you enjoy the story.  And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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