Basilica minor of Sainte Anne!

This is a major work and needs several posts and creative writing to tell all. I am doing my humble best to show you one of the must see in my Morbihan and Bretagne. The town is well known by all Sainte Anne d’Auray and all revolves around the Basilica minor of Sainte Anne.

I have written several posts on it and will not try to duplicate information here. Simply it was the annual Pardon procession of Sainte Anne on 26 July and I was there again to see some of the festivities as it is for two days 25 and 26 and all day long. They come from all over France and Europe for this event. It is a must see for the traditional culture of the Bretons as said Sainte Anne is the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus Christ; patron Saint of Bretagne  known by Breton as the grand-mère or grandmother.

Let me bring some new photos of this Basilica to you and looking forward to seeing you by  ! I am only 9 kms from it!!!

sainte anne d auray

sainte anne d auray

sainte anne d auray

sainte anne d auray

sainte anne d auray

The official Basilica of Sainte Anne webpage in English here: Basilica minor of Sainte Anne

And the official webpage of sanctuaries cities and on Sainte Anne d’Auray in French: Sanctuaries cities on Sainte Anne d’Auray

Hope you enjoy it as we do and gorgeous sights passing by it every day.  The Basilica minor of Sainte Anne is a must to see from simply a historical ,architecture point of view to understand Bretagne and why not religious pause as well.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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