Vignobles Marchais at Thouaré sur Loire!

So here I am closing my latest escapades in my lovely West of my belle France! I am staying at Thouaré sur Loire in the Loire Atlantique dept 44 of the region of Pays de la Loire. Old Bretagne!

This is a wine region and with the only winery in town it happens to be one of our favorites in France. Not only the wines are good, the prices are right ,but the human factor is excellent. And the ambiance, the welcome by the owners and staff has a lot do with wine driking ,all in friendship and cheers!

I have written before on Vignobles Marchais so will spare you the history of it. We went for tasting the new vintage, buying of course, and this time we were able to have lunch in town. Last time we did it at Carquefou, see that town post.

We got in as usual following the great Loire river on the D751 from Nantes, and always sublime. You have plenty of picnic stops along the way if you wish ( see post). We cruise on down to Thouaré sur Loire and plenty of time before heading for the wines, we had lunch. As we saw it before, this time we came in and what a surprise it was.


The Brasserie La Fontaine at rue de Mauves and inside pl de la Fontaine is a workers’s canteen right smack in town across from the Church of St Vincent (see post). One of the virtues of my belle France is the culinary choices and just friendly town folks of ordinary daily life here, we love it!! We arrived without reservation of course, and immediately were seated in the little terrace out front nicely next to a flower shop and with views of the church.



And we had our lunch. We had bavette d’aloyau or whats best translated as flank steak , fries, salad with breads and a 100 Cl bottle of local rose wine (that is more than a bottle 75Cl). We sat in glory under a sunny day with a nice patio umbrella and went at it. Very nicely done and friendly service as many were known to each other, real country town ambiance we love so much. We finish with dessert i had a creme caramel à beurre salé or sort of a salted caramel cream pudding, nicely done crunchy. A expresso coffee followed to finish the lunch. The bill well this is the countryside, came at about 12€ per person. We shall be back!!!



The Facebook page of the Brasserie de la Fontaine: Facebook page of Brasserie de la Fontaine

From we took the easy ride on route de mauves to reach Vignobles Marchais we already been here couple times before. And we were met by a very nice and knowledable guy who immediately took out into the terrace to avoid having to wear masks! He took a wine barrel out that served as the table and started to bring bottles out! We tasted 6 wines , five white and one rosé as it is the tradition in this area.

thouare vig marchais barrel tasting wines outside jul20


The Melon B of Burgundy but planted here as a muscadet  was excellent apéritifs and light cheeses/meats. The Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire AOP Domaine du Bois Blot 2018 as had before and delicious with fish and chips! The Coteaux d’Ancenis Malvoisie AOP 2018 good for cheeses and apéritifs and white meats. The bubbly rosé Perles Lutines Noir is excellent for apéritfs , soft cheeses, and light meats. The Saveur d’Origine 2014 / grape : Melon was not to our liking.  Another we try but did not purchase this time was the Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire AOP Vignoble de Thouaré 2018.



I also purchase wines from the cellars that belongs to family members in other parts of France which he sells in his cellars such as Malbec from Pays d’Oc ville blanche , Saumur-Champigny, and Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil in the Loire; all red wines. In all 24 bottles for our cellar!


The official webpage of Vignobles Marchais on the cellars in English here: Vignobles Marchais cellars


And yes another wonderful trip down the majestic Loire river and great wine country nearest to me. And we love to go on site to purchase. Hope you enjoy this winelogy trip down to Thouaré sur Loire!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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