Pluvigner: Goh Lanno!!!

Ok so this is close very close to me. I have written many posts on my town of Pluvigner and even some on the parc Goh Lanno, but still left out lots of information and as I passed by it again with new photos, this is the time for an update and recap. Again, my thrill to showcase the best of France at a human level.

Surely, for a small town of about 7K folks , this is one of the best sports complex around and we are very happy about it and even more so because it is walking distance from my house. So let me tell you a bit more on the parc Goh Lanno. Not to be confused to the adjoint collége Goh Lanno or middle school.


The Goh Lanno sports complex is huge and one of my son’s plays for the local team B and starter and already score a goal so very happy for him. If you stop by we sure will take you here especially if it is a sports football /soccer game although it also, host the local basketball and volleyball teams in the nice fieldhouse.  The Rugby and Tennis parts are been improved and there is even a rugby clubhouse on site. The chapter here is associated with the Auray rugby club which one of my son’s tried it a while back with no continuation as wanted to be starter and no way need to start on the bench.


football/soccer stands in progress!

The city of Pluvigner page tells you and I translate with some updates of my own. The Goh Lanno sports complex which consists of 2 rooms for handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, rollerblading … They also include 1 dojo (judo, karate …), 1 dance hall (Breton classical …) as well as a gym hall.  Outdoors, associations use 5 football fields/pitches (2 clubs), 1 rugby pitch, 1 athletics stadium and 2 tennis courts on the Goh Lanno site. In the short term, it has change one football field into a rugby field.  The stabilized football field will be made of synthetic turf for even greater use. Last but not least is the cycling club, which uses the evolution platform of the Goh Lanno complex for its cycling school for children.


City of Pluvigner on parc Goh Lanno in French: City of Pluvigner on Goh Lanno sports complex

However, as we used it couple times a week for games, and every day for our dog Rex walks; will tell you a whole lot more on it.

There is a Green and Blue Room: Multisports hall with synthetic gymnasium with lighting, 2 changing rooms with showers and a 100-seat stand. Tennis, karate jutsu ,goshin, kobudo ,nihon tai ,nunchaku, badmington, flying game, hockey on grass, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, green volley, handball, beach handball, track and field.


Gymnasium in the Annex Room with a  synthetic lesson room with lighting and 2 changing rooms with showers. Archery, judo, jujitsu, taîso, etc. Table tennis,  and gymnastic.  An evolution plateau EPS / Multisports / city stadiums in asphalt. Tennis, basketball, volleyball,  and skate board.


Tennis Court Asphalt tennis court. This sports equipment is made up of 2 lanes or tracks for singles or doubles. Football/soccer field/pitch synthetic turf football pitch with 8 changing rooms with showers. Training Ground (ashes covering) Stabilized / ashy football field with lighting and 8 changing rooms with showers. And petanque!



Football/soccer fields at Goh Lanno Sports Complex in natural grass with 8 changing rooms with showers.  Rugby field/pitch in natural grass with lighting and 8 changing rooms with showers.


All under a nature trails park that is kept very nice and clean. A heaven for families and neighbors meeting place. Again a pleasure a plus to have it nearby. If in town do stop by there is  picnic areas too at Goh Lanno!!! We enjoy Pluvigner!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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