Pluvigner: barter and fleas at Goh Lanno!

And here we are Summer and in my lovely little town of Pluvigner, in the Morbihan breton dept 56 of our beautiful Bretagne and on my belle France! Ok so this one should be short…lol!

We have a huge bartering and fleas market each year here.. It is very close to our house…. people from all over and afar come for it. It is always book solid weeks in advance and over 5K persons attend. Yet , we have not been to it!!


Yes, the fleas market is not my glass of wine. I do enjoy the regular markets or marchés but bartering and fleas market is not for me. However, it has become so big did took a peek this year. And some photos for the show too. Maybe you come visiting or live here and enjoy these events, could be an attraction to come to little Pluvigner lol! Just saying..


The run of it is that as every year for twenty years, the management team of the Kériolets football(soccer for the other pond) club will welcome visitors on Sunday for its summer barter and fleas market and its 21st edition!!!


If the place, the Goh-Lanno sports complex (see post), remains unchanged, the rules are profoundly changed. Due to our friendly virus we need to wear masks and go in single lane in and out with a routing pre determined. Very discipline indeed. The organizers widened the aisles for visitors, and created a larger space to safely accommodate the 280 exhibitors.


The event was Sunday July 26, 2020 from 7h to 19h, Goh-Lanno  sports complex. Pluvigner of course. Entrance fee: 1.50€ . Small catering on site.

Ok so now don’t tell anybody I did not told you so; its here, available nice big all kinds of gadgets seen for bartering and fleas market galore, bring all the entire family if you dare. Me not convince yet.

Anyway, sponsored by the Keriolet football club of Pluvigner but don t even mentioned it in their page, the club is doing well until stop by the virus rules, 12 wins 2 ties and one loss, yep moving up those Pluvignioses!!! their webpage for info is here: Keriolet football club of Pluvigner

Hope you enjoy the off the beaten path post oh well new for me. Something different in my blog than just plain travel I am sure you like it..hehehe! Have a great rest of Sunday for those who can ours is just about over. Enjoying my Pluvigner!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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