Concarneau and its covered market!

Well here is another favorite city of my region that have written several posts on it but again nothing on the covered market or Les Halles! wow;;; this is always a stop for us here!! I like to show it in my blog and give some information that might tempted you to stop by as it is a fine market. Also ,the flea market next to it is awesome.

Of course , I am talking about Concarneau in the Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne.

You have a beautiful Les Halles covered market with all kinds of goodies and seafood/fish galore, I am in heavens!!! Here you have a big market with foods and other items on Fridays outside, however, inside there are 17 stores front welcoming you everyday from  8h to 13h , and sometimes from  17 to 19h30. Offering are fresh produce, seafood, fish, sausages cold cuts, fruits ,flowers, meats, cheeses, and regional products such as fish conserves,  crêpes,breton cakes and many more goodies!


concarneau les halles side ent jan13

There is an open air flea market as well at Place Jean-Jaurès and Place du 8 mai 1945 facing the Ville Close. It is open Fridays from 7h30 to 13h30 , nearly 200 traders animate one of the main markets of Finistère which extends from the Les Halles covered market to the marina. Both food and non-food, its reputation is well established. Also, remember to park upstream of the market places especially in Summer or take the ferry from the passage which links the place Duquesne at the bottom of the ville close. Monday morning from 7h30 to 13h30, more discreet in Winter, this market opens out in fine weather to offer you its finest attire. The Organic market or Bio, Wednesdays from 16h30 to 19h30, 5 to 10 producers and resellers of products from organic farming give you an appointment all year round to offer you their products certified by an approved organization.


«  De toutes les passions, la seule vraiment respectable me paraît être la gourmandise ». Guy de Maupassant! oh yes he knew very well. I put in French because sometimes the meaning is loss but in my best translation effort it means”Of all the passions, the only truly respectable seems to me to be gluttony”.

The city of Concarneau on its markets in French: City of Concarneau on markets

The tourist office of Concarneau on its markets in English: Tourist office of Concarneau on its markets

And again, there you go folks ,I feel better now to tell you about the wonderful markets of Concarneau not far from me and wonderful walking architecturally and historical town of Finistére. Hope you enjoy the shopping !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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